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    Catherine, Katherine, Katharine or Kathryn?

    Which spelling do you prefer and why?

    I personally prefer Catherine. I feel it's classic, distinguished and complete. The other spellings feel, well, just less so to me. It may be due to the surge in popularity of "K" names in the past few decades.

    My husband prefers Katherine because of the history of Russian royalty bearing the name Katerina or Ekaterina. We're not Russian, so I'm not sure why this is important to him, but it is.

    I just want to get an idea of what other people think of the spellings!

    Thanks everyone!
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    My favorite is Kathryn. Could be because it's the name of a very close friend or because I like what I call "droopy" letters. I also feel that this spelling has more spunk and personality to it than the traditional Katherine. That said my second choice would be Catherine - I prefer the traditional French spelling to the English one.

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    I like Catherine the best for similar reasons to what you've mentioned.

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    I also like Catherine the best for the reasons you mentioned. I also just don't really like K names for girls, but if you did want to use the K then either of the two without the y are fine - I really do not like Kathryn. Catherine is beautiful - why mess with it? It's a gret name with lovely nicknames. :-)

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    I'm torn! I like Katharine because this is the spelling Katharine Hepburn used. Also because the K spelling transitions naturally to Kate, which is still my favorite nickname for the name. But I also like Catherine because it feels softer and more old-fashioned in a pretty way to me, and because it's the spelling used for the character in one of my favorite books, Wuthering Heights!
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