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    Hello Nameberries!

    This is my first time posting, probably because naming our daughter Felicity was so easy and clear cut. But now that I'm pregnant with girl #2, things aren't so easy, and I could use some help and feedback.

    RIght now, DH and I don't have too many names on the table. (We just found out the sex, and DH won't talk names until that point. Argh!)

    Our last name starts with an H and is one syllable; also kind of masculine sounding, so I tend towards wanting something a bit softer to soften the blow. I also am looking for a name that is recognizable but not overly used.

    The names the are on our list at this point are:
    1. Helen (probably Helen Elizabeth)--I love the alliteration of HH, but Helen is so far the only name I can think of that I'd use. (Harper is not our style, a friend has a daughter named Harriet...) My other hesitation is that second daughter would feel like she got the old grandma name (even though I think it is so lovely and classic; compared to Felicity, it is a bit more old-fashioned)
    2. Naomi (possible middle names Alice or Caroline)--not sure how this sounds with Felicity?
    3. Marjorie (nn Jorie) (possible MN Alice or Claire)--how is this name perceived by you guys? My grandma, who I love and adore, is Margery, but I'm not crazy about that spelling. And I think the NN Jorie is really cute and quirky, and sounds cute with Fliss, which is what we call Felicity sometimes. But maybe I'm crazy, and it's a terrible name? Also, what do you think of using a name to honor someone but using a different spelling? My g'ma is the most laid-back woman ever and would be stunned if we used her name, but I still don't know if that's just a major faux pas?

    That's pretty much all we have, so we are definitely open to new ideas! (DH is pretty traditional so he's the tougher one to sell)
    Other names I love but are off the table are: Blythe (DH hates it), Juliette, Eleanor, Charlotte (too popular).

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    I think you have some good options here.
    1. I think Helena would fit better than Helen with Felicity and Helena Elizabeth or some of your other mns work well (i.e. Helena Caroline).
    2. To me, Naomi is a little less girly sounding than Felicity, but I like the name and think it works well with either mn.
    3. I like Marjorie nn Jorie and agree that Jorie and Fliss sound well together too. Marjorie Claire or Marjorie Caroline work well.

    Here are some other possibilities-- some other H, N, and M names as well as others that I think would work well with Felicity (my favorites are with a *:

    Henrietta (lots of cute nns-- Hennie, Etta, Retta)

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    I love the idea of Helen (or a Helen name) with Felicity! I think they fit really well. I like Felicity and Helena even more, though, I think those just sing together. I also love the idea of honoring your grandmother with Marjorie, especially if it would mean a lot to her... I'm just not the hugest Marjorie/Margery fan, sorry! It does feel very old-lady to me. Perhaps a Margaret variation, like Margot, or even just Margaret? I think Felicity and Margaret are great together, and Margaret has so many lovely nns--Mae, Meg, Maggie, Greta, Margot, Mari, Ari, Maisie, Daisy... I think Fliss and Greta or Fliss and Daisy (or even Fliss and Maisie) would be adorable together. Or even Helena Marjorie?

    Good luck!
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    1. I love the HH thing as well. I know someone with those initials and she uses them together a lot. Helen is alright, but I like Helena better. Felicity and Helena sound beautiful together.

    2. Naomi is interesting. Not my style, but there's nothing wrong with it. I think it sounds fine with Felicity and it's not particularly popular. Caroline is a perfect middle name for it.

    3. I think Marjorie could work. I definitely prefer that spelling. If you're worried about it being weird but you want to honor your grandmother, maybe you could use it as a middle name? That's a very common practice. Jorie is cute. I know a Jordan who goes by Jori. I like Claire better than Alice as a middle name because Claire sounds a bit more modern. Fliss and Jorie sound adorable together!
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    I like Naomi and Marjorie with Felicity. I think both of those names flow better with Felicity than Helen. I agree with the other posters that Helena would be a better fit. Also, I knew a Helen once and she hated her name (thought it was too old lady sounding).
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