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Thread: Girl name ideas

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    Girl name ideas

    I am looking for unique girl names. My husband really likes using a common boy name and using that for a girl. Any ideas?

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    Spencer! There's a girl in Pretty Little Liars named Spencer; she's the smart, studious type with lots of extra-curriculars. Also very cluey.

    Kesey (Ken Kesey was the author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)

    James (for a little while, model Jamie King went by James King, and it was cute)

    ...that's all I've got for now.

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    Honestly? You're going to run into a LOT of opposition on these boards for using great, solid masculine names on a girl -- and rightly so (IMHO). So many fabulous boys' names have gone to the girls! Even aside from that, boys names on girls are (to my mind) trendy and a bit tasteless. There are many gorgeous, strong, not-frilly names in the girls' category. Why does your husband want to poach from the boys?

    If you are hellbent on using a boys' name for your daughter, perhaps you should consider using a feminization such as Josephine, or a name like Winifred that can be shortened to Freddie? Some other suggestions in this category:

    Wilhelmina nn Will
    Alexandra nn Alex
    Augusta nn Gus
    Thomasina nn Tommy
    Theodora nn Theo
    Roberta nn Bobbie
    Edwina nn Eddie
    Maxine nn Max
    Charlotte nn Charlie
    Antonia nn Tony

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