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    Chelsea, Delaney, any other ideas?

    Hello! We are expecting a little girl this time around and are having a hard time with names. I would like to find something out of the top 50, classic but not vintage like Ruby, Scarlett, Lena, etc. I would like it to be spelled "correctly" and not unisex.

    My DH and I were in LOVE with Delaney when we were pregnant with our sons, but now I'm having second thoughts about the name. I'm not keen on the nickname Laney and I understand I can control it now but not when she gets to school. I'm okay with nicknames but not into longer names just to turn around and call a child by their nickname as their name, know what I mean?

    So my next love is Chelsea. I saw there was a thread from March that basically had positive feedback and I know at the end of the day I have to love the name but I was concerned a few people thought it was dated.

    What are you thoughts on these names? Do you have any other suggestions? Oh and I don't mind the Chelsea Clinton association because on the other end of the spectrum is Chelsea Handler!

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