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    i like it, and dont think most people will think hard enough to make the connection.

    and in terms of it being "dated", i don't think it is. 25 years from now, Brayden and Nevaeh will probably be dated. But Melanie isn't that kind of trendy/meaningless/history-less. I know people who think Sophia sounds "dated" (my great-grandmother was Sophie, so to my siblings it was in the category of things like Gertrude), but that hasnt stopped it from gaining popularity. Some names go up and down and up the popularity charts, that's all. Melanie has a clean sound that is also undeniably feminine. i think it's pretty!

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    I think meanings are important! And it's true that your child may look up her name and decide she doesn't like the meaning of "dark" so pair it with a name that might mean "beautiful"? But it would be really weird if her two names meant "dark" (Melanie) and e.g. "light" (Nora)

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