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    Does the meaning matter?

    Dh and I were discussing names and Melanie came up. I think I really like it but then I looked up the meaning and it means dark or black. My husbands last name is also the word black. Is that kind of cool or not? I've never really been swayed by name meanings before.

    Also, do you think Olivia and Melanie go together?

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    I don't think anyone outside of the "name nerd" community would know the meaning of Melanie off hand. So, that shouldn't matter. Olivia and Melanie are cute together.
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    I don't think the literal meaning of a name is a deal breaker. Melanie and Olivia "go" together, sure... but I would assume they were mother and daughter if I saw the names together.

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    I think unless the meaning is very negative, it shouldn't matter, and even then, sometimes it still shouldn't.
    That being said, Melanie and Olivia do go nicely together, but Melanie feels very dated to me, I don't know a single one under 20.

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    Funny I never really thought of Melanie as dated. I don't know many Melanie's young or old. I guess I want something less popular but not overly unique this time. It's still on my list for now.

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