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    I know at least a dozen girls named Savannah so it feels very overdone to me. When I meet another new one I think there is absolutely nothing special about her name. I think Sienna is lovely though. It goes wonderfully with Hudson as well. I think Sienna Catherine is lovely but Catherine is my name and I love the saint connection of this combo so I could be very biased. Sienna Kate could be lovely as well.
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    I love both of them. Vote for Sienna since it sounds really nice with Hudson.
    Sienna Marie
    Sienna Kate
    Sienna Camille
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    Sienna Claire
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    These are two that we have considered as well, I really like Sienna, it keeps coming back to the top of my list. Husband prefers Savannah but with other family naming issues it will not work for us. Some middle names I like with it so far have been:

    Sienna Soleil
    Sienna Kerensa (I know this goes against the double a ending but there's something about it I like, sort of has that Anna Karina flair)
    Sienna Catherine (my middle name, most likely will not use this one for that reason but do like the sound)
    Sienna Clementine
    Sienna Juliet

    Our son was named as soon as we knew he was a boy but I'm afraid this little girl will be waiting until we meet her to be named. Something about Sienna seems so sweet and feminine while also not being overly trendy or popular sounding. Good luck

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    I love Sienna but Im biased its my daughter's name ...

    Sienna Kate
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    Sienna and Savannah are on the trendy side for me, I much prefer Susannah, something like Susannah Alice or Susannah Claire would be nice.

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