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    Sienna or Savannah?

    Also, needing help with a middle name. Our son is Hudson Michael - I thought Hudson was more usual, so went for a traditional middle. Problem is I only like what I consider more "fringe" girls names - willow, waverly, harper, quinn.... And having a hard time finding a traditional middle name option. Can't start with a vowel, or end in an "a" sound or "ette" sound... Any advice much appreciated. And if you hate Sienna and Savannah, tell me why..

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    I actually happen to like both Sienna and Savannah, but I prefer the Siena spelling. Savannah is quite popular now but I love the sound of it.

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    I like Sienna as I like colour names. Indigo, Violet, (don't like Scarlett as much but its okay) Lilac, Hazel.

    I do not like the one n spelling as I don't really do place names unless there's a deep personal meaning, and I think it would be mispelled more often. I also don't think with Hudson I'd go a second place name unless it was incredibly personal and magical to me as that starts to turn it weird and theme-y.

    Savannah has very unfortunate connotations to me.

    I do like Susannah though, which means "rose" or "lily" without being as trendy as either.

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    Two of my GPs. I like both and they're both relatively trendy - but pretty. In sixth grade Savannah was actually my #1 name, and it still holds a special place in my heart.

    How about

    Sienna Caroline (or Savannah Caroline)
    Savannah Catherine (or Sienna Catherine)
    Sienna Helen (or Savannah Helen)
    Savannah Lilian
    Switching careers and becoming an RN! Sadly mommy plans will have to wait until that's done. Still loving names though!

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    I think Sienna is beautiful and goes great with Hudson! I like Sienna Elizabeth, Sienna Grace, Sienna Claire. Btw my son is 11 months old and he is Hudson Daniel. I am pregnant again but don't know the sex yet and Sienna is one I am considering

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