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    HUGE Victorian name poem from 1897 "1000 Names for Dollies and Babies"

    My sister in law gave me some pages from a childrens book “Story After Story” from 1897. One was called ‘1000 names for dollies and babies’ ‘The reading over these 1000 names – all differerent, will provide a splendid exercise in spellling and pronounciation’. There was also a cute picture with a caption ‘Mother and father disputing or debating over what to call the baby’.
    There are many biblical names on here. Also some that appear made up and are just plain funny!
    This is for anyone who loves reading long names lists – like me! I have put a * next to ones I like. Enjoy!

    Adam and Madam
    Hagar and Jagar
    Lottie* and Tottie
    Dinah and Nina
    Hebe and Phoebe
    Claude and Maude
    Connell and Donnell
    Dove* and Love

    Ruth and Truth
    Ducie and Lucie
    Casper and Jasper
    Mercy and Percy
    Angeletta and Vangeletta
    Gilliam and William
    Luby and Ruby
    Ada* and Saida*
    Abihu and Elihu
    Becky and Jacky
    Alf and Ralph
    Giles and Miles
    Colin and Rollin
    Lubin and Reuben
    Arthur* and Marthur
    Marybella and Sarybella

    Hubert and Rupert*
    Nice and Rice
    Bryan and Ryan
    Alpin and Galpin
    Duke and Luke
    Mulic and Ulic
    Bessy* and Hessy
    Hildalene and Tildalene

    Mose and Rose*
    Gordon and Jordan
    Donald and Ronald
    Ervin and Mervin
    Mirzah and Tirzah
    Alick and Gallic
    Handel and Randal
    Fredelena and Tedelena*

    Bridget* and Midget
    Louisa and Theresa
    Hillah and Zillah
    Milfred and Wilfred
    Larkin and Martyn
    Horam and Joram
    Jael and Shaul
    Fannyette and Nannyette

    Abisha and Elisha
    Abitub and Ahitub
    Crissylene and Sissylene
    Averil and Daveril
    Botolph and Rodolph
    Lilian and Milian
    Maynard and Reynard
    Kizzylene and Lizzylene

    Prichard and Richard
    Darian and Marian
    Dowzabel and Rosabel*
    Artemus and Bartemus
    Dathan and Nathan
    Germaine and Hermaine
    Abelard* and Ermengarde
    Dovelene and Lovelene

    Nicodemus* and Polyphemous
    Marianne and Sariane
    Lucylena and Nucylena
    Edmond and Redmond
    Nebulon and Zebulon
    Jeanette and Mynette
    Apoloyon* and Napoleon*
    Jinnylene and Winnylene

    Coralius and Doralius
    Horatius and Ignatius
    Agnes* and Dagnes
    Eldred and Meldred
    Obijah and Orijah
    Adriel and Gabriel
    Ivan and Sivan
    Claudelius and Maudelius

    Brunius and Junius
    Simon and Timon
    Bobab and Hobab
    Darnell and Parnell
    Jirah and Sirah
    Marylena and Sarylena
    Faban and Laban
    Lillianette and Millianette

    Lubylene and Rubylene
    Manuel and Samuel
    Herodicus and Herodotus
    Ella and Zella
    Flavuis and Zavius
    Grace and Mace
    Borgia and Georgia
    Dinalene and Minalene

    Ira and Myra
    Claudia and Maudia
    Laymond and Raymond
    Gisborn and Lisborn
    Fernando and Hernanado
    Paul and Saul
    Hulia and Julia
    Lancylene and Nancylene

    Barret and Garet
    Diamond and Simund
    Bathilda and Matilda
    Charissa and Clarissa
    Minnielene and Tinnielene
    Abinoam and Ahinoam
    Clarice and Paris
    Bessielene and Jessielene

    Josiah and Sophia
    Bariah and Mariah
    Jeziah and Keziah
    Hilkiah and Zilkiah
    Amariah and Amaziah
    Josibiah and Josiphiah
    Uriah and Jeremiah
    Obidiah and Zachariah

    Florence and Laurence
    Athaliah and Jocaliah
    Abira and Sapphira*
    Donetta and Johnetta
    Biddy and Liddy
    Janette and Nanette
    Dometta and Tometta
    Agrippa and Phillipa

    Lucretia and Venetia
    Crisilla and Priscilla
    Belinda and Sellinda
    Dara and Hara
    Ambrose and Lambrose
    Frances and Nances
    Bertie* and Gertie*
    Ruthlene and Truthlene

    Dorna and Lorna
    German and Herman
    Josanna and Johanna
    Alfred and Talfred
    Hamar and Tamar
    Ashur and Jasher
    Baruch and Saruch
    Mollyetta and Pollyetta

    Angelena and Vangelena
    Cherubima and Seraphima
    Bede and Reid
    Josabad and Rosabad
    Lulia and Tulia
    Harold and Jarold
    Jeroboam and Rehoboam
    Paulina and Saulina

    Tunice and Unice
    Sambrose and Vambrose
    Meshach and Sheshach
    Bertram and Gertram
    Amon and Samon
    Claudius and Maudus
    Borelius and Horelius
    Bonalene and Monalene

    Gomer and Homer
    Selah and Telah
    Rasman and Tasman
    Barak and Sarak
    Janet and Nanet
    Heavenbella and Sevenbella (?!)
    Ahaz and Azaz
    Antimeg and Antineg

    Allon and Fallon
    Abdiel and Zabdiel
    Andronicus and Veronicus
    Anthony and Vanthony
    Amery and Zamery
    James and Kames
    Antonius and Santonius
    Mattylene and Pattylene

    Bedrodach and Nedrodach
    Festus and Vestus
    Geoffrey and Zeffrey
    Henry and Kenry
    Gilbert and Hilbert
    Anim and Banim
    Noah and Joah
    Mercylene and Percylene

    Dovetta and Lovetta
    Azel and Bazel
    Corinda and Dorinda
    Besar and Cesar
    Doram and Horam
    Ananiah and Apia
    Floralius and Horalius
    Marionette and Sarionette

    Coralene and Doralene
    Floralene and Noralene
    Dathan and Nathan
    Abiram and Ahiram
    Imon and Dimon
    Cornelius* and Aurelius
    Ethelene and Bethelene
    Jerah and Terah

    Ben and Glen
    Neziah and Tiziah
    Madoc and Zadoc
    Pauline and Sauline
    Abihud and Ahihud
    Kiza and Liza
    Dius and Pius
    Nucy and Sucy

    Alfric and Salfric
    Frank and Hank
    Kobina and Rosina
    Florinda and Laurinda
    Deborah and Ketorah
    Lenora and Zeborah
    Shebaniah and Shecaniah
    Sheririah and Shemariah

    Abia, Beriah and Neriah
    Alberic, Almeric and Alperic
    Volinda, Wolinda & Zolinda
    Abijah, Ahijah & Elijah
    Dida, Ida* and Fida
    Dias, Elias and Tobias
    Quick, Vic and Zic
    Hugh, Leu and Pugh

    Cora, Dora and Flora*
    Lora, Nora and Zora
    Biram, Hiram and Miram
    Vesie, Wessie and Zessie
    Barrat, Jarrat and Garrat
    Ham, Lam and Zam
    Adelia, Afelia and Amelia
    Dugo, Hugo and Nugo

    Ivy, Livy and Zivy
    Betty, Hetty and Letty
    Netty, Petty and Zetty
    Linny, Winny* and Zinny
    Hester, Lester and Nestor
    Helena, Serena and Sabina
    Mab, Nab and Rab
    Dottielene, Lottielene and Tottielene

    Bruno, Juno and Uno
    Eugene, Nugene and Sugene
    Dorman, Norman and Gorman
    Jean*, Vean and Zean
    Hew, Sue and Zue
    Azur, Kazur and Nazur
    Davia, Flavia and Pavia
    Apulias, Julius and Tulius

    Biram, Hiram and Piram
    Katline, Matline and Patline
    Seba, Sheba and Zebah
    Aubrey*, Dubrey and Vaubrey
    Nebo, Nego and Necho
    Andrew, Mandrew and Vandrew (lol)
    Dalwin, Talwin and Zalwin
    Abi, Ahi and Ami

    Larissa, Narissa, Varrissa
    Di, Guy and Nie
    Dot, Lot and Tot
    Delicia, Felicia, Letitia
    Bona, Jonah and Mona
    Queenie, Teenie and Weenie
    Edward, Nedward and Tedward
    Dom, Pom and Tom

    Muric, Uric and Zurich
    Doddard, Goddard and Stoddard
    Heggie, Peggie* and Meggie
    Darvey, Harvey and Jarvey
    Haddox, Maddox and Zaddox
    Joel, Loel and Noel
    Aaron, Saron and Zaron
    Bilhah, Hillah and Zillah

    Anneline, Fannylene, Nannylene
    Albina, Aldina & Alvina
    Annie, Fanny & Nanny
    Elim, Phelim & Selim
    Bobbie, Robbie & Zobbie
    Alma, Palma & Talma
    Gillis, Phillis & Willis
    Bettylene, Hettylene & Lettylene

    Bennet*, Jennet & Kennet
    Dobe, Job & Robe
    Bruce, Druce & Pruce
    Lillybella, Millybella & Tillybella
    Baruch, Karuch & Saruch
    Kilbert, Wilbert & Zilbert
    Leo, Neo & Zeo
    Dosabel, Josabel & Rosabel*

    Darion, Marion* & Sarion
    Devalene, Evalene & Nevalene
    Josephine, Mosephine & Rosephine
    Ezra, Dezra & Kezra
    Dollybella, Mollybella & Pollybella
    Halena, Kalena & Salena
    Byra, Dyra & Lyra
    Iralene, Liralene & Miralene

    Lavinia, Savinia & Vavinia
    Duckylene, Luckylene & Zuckylene
    Tiglath-Pileser & Tilgath-Pilneser
    Abinadab, Ahinadab & Aminadab
    Abimelech, Ahimelech & Elimelech
    Felix, Kelix & Selix
    Alpheus, Dalpheus & Ralpheus
    Balak, Halak & Lamech

    Randal, Sandal & Vandal
    Arabella, Carrabella & Clarabella
    Harriet*, Marriet & Varriet
    Abilene, Mabilene & Rabilene
    Erwin, Kirwin & Mirwin
    Agar, Dagar & Zagar
    Alice, Dalice & Zalice
    Bab, Tab & Zab

    Emmeline*, Femmeline & Jemmeline
    Lemmeline, Pemmeline & Zemmeline
    Haggylene, Maggylene & Peggylene
    Hilda, Kilda & Lilda
    Milda, Tilda & Zilda
    B-etta, C-etta & D-etta
    E-etta, G-etta & V-etta
    Catalina, Matalina & Patalina

    Lerman, Merman & Zerman
    Ariel, Dariel & Zariel
    Gibeon*, Tibeon & Zibeon
    Jesie, Kessie & Sessie
    Dias, Pius, Thias & Zius
    Doll, Moll, Poll & Noll
    A-etta, J-etta, K-etta & Mayetta
    Annabella, Fannybella & Nannybella

    Boy, Foy, Joy & Moy
    A-, J-, K- & May
    Eliza, Ebiza, Ediza & Egisa
    Ehiza, Eniza, Eriza & Etiza
    Bell, Nell, Val & Zell
    Bem*, Em, Sem & Zem
    Arc*, Clark, Mark & Park
    Kat, Nat, Mat & Pat

    Celia*, Delia, Melia & Zelia
    Phil, Till, Will & Zill
    Binny, Dinny, Finny & Jinny
    Birza, Girza, Mirza & Tirza
    Edwin, Fredwin, Nedwin & Tedwin
    Jorah, Korah, Norah & Zorah
    Boswald, Goswald, Oswald* Roswald
    Carley, Charley, Harley & Varley

    Clara, Lara, Sara & Zara
    Florace, Horace, Morris & Norris
    Cary, Fairy, Mary & Sary
    Barry, Carrie, Harry & Larry
    Crissy, Kissy, Sissy & Melissy
    Harman, Darman, Jarman & Sharman
    Ubenia, Ugenia, Ulenia & Uphemia*
    Birene, Irene, Mirene & Sirene

    Acelius, Adelius, Afelius & Amelius
    Anelius, Apelius, Arelius & Avelius
    Dannah, Hannah, Jannah & Mannah
    Aram, Naram, Saram & Zaram
    Benny, Denny, Jenny & Kenny
    Albert*, Dalbert, Falbert & Salbert
    Barlo, Carlo, Marlo* & Varlo*
    Jemuel, Kemuel, Lemuel & Shemuel

    Bon, Con, Don & John*
    Cain, Jane, Mayne & Payne
    Jimmy, Mimmy, Simmy & Timmy
    Dick, Hick, Mick & Nick
    Ally, Lally, Sally & Vally
    Bill, Hill, Lill, Mill & Phil
    Bolo, Molo, Polo, Rollo & Solo
    Levi, Nevi, Sevi, Vevi & Zevi

    Hatty*, Katty, Matty, Natty & Patty
    Billy, Lily, Milly, Tilly & Willy
    Dolly, Jolly, Molly*, Nolly & Polly
    Dizzy, Kizzy, Lizzy, Sizzy & Tizzy
    Eddy, Freddy, Neddy, Ready & Teddy
    Beric, Deric, Eric, Leric & Zeric
    Eva, Deva, Neva, Seva & Zeva
    Addi, Daddi, Laddi, Vaddi & Zaddi

    Dina, Mina, Nina, Vina & Zina
    Adar*, Badar, Kadar, Nadar & Zadar
    Bira, Ira, Kira, Lira, Mira & Sira
    Chloe, Floe, Joey, Loe, Moe & Zoe
    Agg, Dagg, Greig, Mag, Peg* & Zag
    Bell, Hal, Lal, Mell, Nell* & Sal
    Jim, Kim, Nim, Sim, Tim, Vim & Zim
    Ann, Dan, Fan, Jan, Nan, Pan & San
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    Thanks so much for sharing these!!
    Josephine Athénaïs - Josephine Ivy - Myriam Athénaïs - Vivienne Josephine
    Athena Beatrice - Beatrice Cecile - Eleanor Anne-Sophie -Myriam Beatrice - Meredith Elizabeth
    Ambrose Aristide - Ulysses Aristide

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    What a fun poem! Thanks for posting. I haven't taken it all in yet, but here are some I like:

    Alick (even though it has "ick" in it, I might like it as an alternative to Alec)
    Bridget* (but not Midget!)
    Maynard and Reynard (especially Reynard)
    Nicodemus* and Polyphemous
    Edmond and Redmond
    Prichard and Richard
    Abelard* (not fond of the story associated with it, but always liked the name itself) and Ermengarde
    Agnes* and Dagnes
    Darnell and Parnell
    Herodicus and Herodotus
    Flavuis and Zavius
    Borgia and Georgia
    Dorna (is this a real name?) and Lorna
    Bede and Reid
    Allon and Fallon
    Andronicus and Veronicus
    Corinda and Dorinda
    Cornelius and Aurelius

    Also, I knew -ene/-ine was popular in certain earlier decades but this is making me realize the extent to which it was the -lee or -lynn of its day. According to this poem, you could tack it onto anything and call it a name. Haggylene, LOL!

    Ethelene sounds hilariously chemical nowadays. (As much as I love many old lady names, even Ethel itself is pushing it in this regard.)

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    blairx - glad you enjoyed! I nearly forgot to say I liked Ermengarde too.

    I also thought all the -lene's were rather funny. Especially Haggylene. Someone must have had fun writing this! It was E. W. Cole by the way - I forgot to say.

    Yes I see what you mean about it seeming to be the -Lyn or -Lee of another generation. Never thought of it that way! I also feel that Ethel is very much an old lady sounding name. But then - I adore Edith and it probably sounds old lady to most people as well.
    Please vote on my names list

    Current favs:
    Mary Wildflower, Fae, Edith (Edie), Ida, Beatrix, Jean, Winifred (Winnie), Phaedra, Thisbe, Sylvie, Cordelia, Magnolia, Catherine, Mimosa

    Arto, Lawson, William, Rupert, Albert, Makepeace, Wetherell

    Rabbits Eleanore Saffron Nightingale & Gethin Abraham Jubilee(Bob/Bobby), Lizard Ute (German Ooteh), Guinea pigs Marmaduke Hubbard & Algernon (LG)

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