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    Baby B needs a name...

    We are expecting in February so that means we've gotten more serious about names. DH thinks we still have "time" but I want to "sit" on our top list for a while and give it time to settle. I find a lot of names I've loved eventually faded from my heart, but some stuck around. I am having troubles connecting with some boy names, the only exception is my grandfather's name but we want family permission first and I am not sure about using a name that is already so dear to me. I don't want an overly popular or trendy name, but a name that has done well over time is fine. DH doesn't want a word name... unfortunately... but you will see some anyways haha. Here is my update list. If you recognize a style o theme that can help me please point it out! We are not set on only these names, I am very open to more options. Our plan is not to pick THE NAME before the birth. We will pick the name we can agree on most, his top favorite and my top favorite and then decide after the baby is born. I would also love a February themed name but I am not crazy about any of the ones I've seen so far. At most I would use Amour as a mn because it means love in french (I am french Canadian), and is part of my maiden name.

    Emerence nn Emmy
    Noella nn Noah
    Millicent (DH really doesn't like this one)
    Gloria nn Glow
    Zinnia (a friend said it's too exotic for us)
    Arianne (DH did like it but is finding it too similar to aryan, and so after years of living the name it is slipping)
    Rohan (preferred spelling, also love that Bob Marley named his son this, I am a HUGE Bob Marley fan)

    Ambrose (losing love for it, seems too posh)
    Leopold nn Leo
    Edmond nn Eddie (this is grandpa's name, he was called Ed)
    Leander (losing love for it as well, seems bland)
    Ozias nn Ozzy

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    I love your boys names, especially Leopold, Ambrose, Eamon and Edmond. I think Rohan is great, but on a boy, if your going to use it for a girl, go with the nature spelling, Rowan.

    I love Zinnia, Noella, Gloria and Faye from your girls list - you seem to like things that are a little offbeat / vintage but still recognizable.




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    Is Rohan the same as Rowan? I LOVE Rowan. Not crazy about the Rohan spelling but it gets the same result so it still gets my vote We don't really have teh same style for boys names.

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    I love Noelle from your girls list. The rest aren't my style. My favorite from your boys is Edmond.

    Here are some February themed names:
    Violet- Birth month flower
    Primrose- Birth month flower
    Amethyst- birth stone
    Amanda- love
    Amy- beloved
    Cara- love
    Freya- Goddess of love
    Rome- romantic destination or Romeo
    Chad- of great love

    Hope that helps!
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    Noella Glory
    Noella Fay

    Leopold River
    Leander Edmond

    Emerence nn Emmy - don't like sorry
    Noella nn Noah - LOVE! Adore, seriously adding this to my list because I like it so much.
    Faye - This one has been on my list for a while, it's a beautiful simple name, depending on surname might be better as a mn
    Millicent (DH really doesn't like this one) - I don't either
    Gloria nn Glow - I prefer Glory
    Zinnia (a friend said it's too exotic for us) - not my favorite though it's pretty, Brielle?
    Arianne - Arianna? Loriana
    Rohan - not my favorite for a girl

    Ambrose (losing love for it, seems too posh) - yes, very posh
    Leopold nn Leo - LOVE! one of my favorites
    Edmond nn Eddie (this is grandpa's name, he was called Ed) - I like it, especially for a middle
    Eamon - I prefer Aiman
    Leander (losing love for it as well, seems bland) - It's nice, I don't think it's bland at all
    Leif - pretty
    River - okay
    Ozias nn Ozzy - never heard it, different
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