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    Another few name that might be worth considering are Madeline and Elise.
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    Eleanor Jane! Simply stunning on its own and with Audrey and Claire.
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    Eleanor Jane get my vote and it's the best on the list too.
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    1 Audrey, Claire and Eleanor - 2, 1 and 3 syllable names that sound and look well together. Every girl would have their own unique name. Eleanor Jane is stunning! I love Jane as a first name but I wouldn't want the two-syllable Audrey to be odd one out!

    2 Audrey, Claire and Louisa - Three gorgeous names!

    3 Audrey, Claire and Helena - see above

    4 Audrey, Claire and Emmeline - Emmeline is a legitimate name (versions like Emmalyn and Emmelyn are modern inventions). I think these three names are lovely together! I prefer the original pronunciation of "leen" instead of "line".

    5 Audrey, Claire and Violet - A lovely trio with their own unique sound and endings!
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    Eleanor Jane is my favorite as a stand alone name but with Audrey and Claire I think Evelyn goes best. They are all three beautiful though!
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