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    I like all your names.

    Cecilia and Lydia are saint's names that I think would work well.

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    saraallison Guest
    Wow, your girls have gorgeous names, and I love your choices for the new one! They are all great, honestly. My favorite is a tie between Julia and Evelyn though. I think maybe Evelyn sounds better with Jane though, so I'm going to have to vote Evelyn! Eleanor is great too btw. Whatever you choose will be lovely!

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    I like Evelyn from your choices.

    I also like Tabitha for you.

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    I think Audrey, Claire, and Jane would be a great sibset. Would you consider moving Jane to the fn?

    Jane Louise
    Jane Cordelia
    Jane Amelia
    Jane Violet
    Jane Rosemary

    From your list though, I like Eleanor Jane the best. I also think the suggestion of Lucy Jane and Lydia Jane are great too.

    Here are some other possibilities-- Audrey, Claire, and

    Alice Jane
    Beatrix Jane
    Edith Jane
    Eliza Jane
    Eloisa Jane
    Emma Jane
    Leonie Jane
    Olivia Jane
    Phoebe Jane
    Sylvia Jane

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    Thanks for all the feedback! I love all of the suggestions, too. Many of the names are on our list, but we for some reason were trying to restrict ourselves from using another A or C name, wanted a different sounding ending than her big sisters, and wanted more than one syllable. Too many restrictions? I think so!

    What about these as part of the sibset, with or without mn Jane:

    Eleanor - I still love. Do you think Ellie is too popular? I know it's used for other El names too.
    Lucy - okay that ending same sound as Audrey?
    Jane - love the name, but is it okay for two short, one syllable first names in sibset?
    Charlotte - starts with a C, like Claire, but has a different sound. Okay?
    Evelyn - my middle name is Lynn, but I'm not sure about the popular "lyn" ending.
    Emmeline - love the name, but everyone thinks it sounds made-up, which I don't want.

    Thanks again!!

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