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    Audrey, Claire, and little sister?

    My husband and I cannot decide on a name for our third baby girl who will be joining the family on August 13th. We are looking for a name that is classic, not too popular, and that goes well with Audrey Kate and Claire Annabel. A saint's name is a plus, but not a must. We are pretty set on the middle name Jane (family name). Here are some names that keep coming up...

    Julia Jane
    Eleanor Jane
    Evelyn Jane


    Thank you, thank you in advance!

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    Eleanor Jane!

    Audrey, Claire, and Eleanor is lovely.
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    I love them all, but Eleanor Jane stood out to me straightaway, I absolutely love it. I agree with @east93--Audrey, Claire, and Eleanor are fabulous! Eleanor has such lovely nns, too--Ella (or Elle or Ellie), Elea, Lea, Norah, Lena, Leni, Nell, Norie, etc.!

    Good luck!
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    I think Audrey and Claire are classics but not uber traditional. There's something still modern in feel about them and yet their timeless. For me that matches up with both Julia and Evelyn. Eleanor to me doesn't have any sense of modernity to it. I really love Evelyn though (especially if the nn is Evie!?). Julia Jane is a bit of a mouthful.
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    Eleanor Jane is my favorite too! Other suggestions:
    Lucy Jane/ Lucia Jane
    Charlotte Jane
    Diana Jane
    Jacqueline Jane

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