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    Character Name Opinions

    Okay so I'd like some opinions on a few names for my novel...

    First of all, do Seraphina and Sonatina sound like plausible names for identical twin girls? The characters are young and both very sweet, Seraphina being the more dominant and outgoing twin and Sonatina being a bit more shy and quiet. Seraphina is featured more majorly in the novel then her twin sister aswell and their surname is Cappelule.

    Also, what do you think of Ambrosia, Thaddeus and Cybele as a sibset? Their surname is Nur and the two eldest are fairly hot-headed and tempermental, whilst the youngest is quite friendly.

    Finally, which of the following options do you prefer for a young male character:
    Arlie Brayside
    Arlie Burmouthe
    Arlie Brinetwig

    Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Seraphina and Sonatina are okay. I dislike Sonatina with Seraphina because Seraphina is very sweet and feminine and Sonatina sounds Spanish. They dont match to me. Maybe try Sabina, Sabrina, Seren/Serena, Selah, Shay(a), Sage, Sylvie, or Sophie/Sophia, even Sophronia

    I like Ambrosia and Thaddeus. I dont know hoe to pronounce Cybele or if its masculine or feminine so Im no help on that one. They all sound fine witu Nur.

    I perfer Arlie Brayside for a young male character. But I also think Arlie sounds odd and not very masculine and would suggest changing it to Arlo nn Arlie.
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