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Thread: Names you hate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    It's hard for me to truly 'hate' most traditional names. There are definitely ones I would never use myself, but saying I hate a name like "William" is like saying I hate the word "orange". I might not like oranges and I might not be fond of the sound combination, but hate seems really strong for something so ubiquitous.

    Most names I'd say I hate are ones I consider cruel as you're forcing a kid to shoulder the burden of a very difficult name--vast misspellings, stupid item names, sugar sweet crap, really made up stuff, etc. Like: Audio, Dweeble, Rockstar, Princess, Krystabelle.

    There are definitely more traditional names that are downright horrible: Dorcas, Bertha, Lloyd, Floyd, Talullah, Hester. But I just don't think some names have aged well.
    Agreed about Audio, Dweeble, Rockstar, etc. and I'd extend that to Nevaeh, Heaven, etc. and the Zayden-type nouveau names that weren't names (even surnames) until the past decade or so.

    There are traditional names I strongly dislike for personal aesthetic reasons, but don't consider them cruel or unusable* for others. I put them in a different category from the above.

    * Okay, there might be exceptions: Hortense and Dorcas, for example.

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    Lola (as a nickname..I could get behind it...but as a given name..blech)

    Im sure there are more girl ones but my brain is tired today.

    Seth--by far my least favorite "common" name...ugh...I do not get the appeal...I hate the way my mouth feels when I say it...just ugh.
    Logan--sometimes Logan over takes Seth for least favorite..but not today. It is definitely the OG sound I find unappealing. I read the Baby-Sitters Club book series as a teenager..this name was in there and I hated it then. lol
    Owen--again with that long O sound. It does NOTHING for me
    Phillip--I just find it so toity-toity and snotty sounding.
    Gray...and all it's forms...getting lots of love on these forums...I. Cannot. Stand. It.
    Ezra--I just can't get on board
    Silas...all I think/hear is silo.

    I also hate names that have random apostrophes....I know a little girl named Annale'a (prn anna leah) (sister to Abagale and Addison).

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    I HATE names with a Mc in front. It is like your child is on the menu at McDonalds! McKenna, McKenzzie, etc! YUCK!!!!
    Also hate anything with Lyn/Lynn or Marie! Shaylyn, Brooklyn,etc! YUCK!
    Hate Kaylee/Kylee/Caylee/etc too.
    Also trendy name: Taylor, Vienna, Madison, Kenedee, etc.
    Most of all I hate: Hope, Faith, Grace! I wanna puke. Maybe cuz I'm atheist but those names are awful. Especailly on twins! I know an Ella Faith and Anah Grace (or it could be Ella Grace and Anah Faith)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nat108 View Post
    Boy names on girls- just because you use it on a girl doesn't make it unisex
    Olive- yuck
    Lucy/Lucinda- trailer park, and not the nice ones by the beach. Juanita gives me the same image
    -aden, -ayden, -aiden
    -iana- Ariana, Eliana, Christiana, Luciana (loosey-ah-na)
    Random virtue and concept names- Humility, Bravery, Modesty, Remembrance
    Agreed about -iana and most virtues.

    I can't stand the -iana suffix when it seems unnecessary or tacked on, but like Oriana (which includes it). People seem to think names like Liliana are feminine and sweet, but I think they lack character. The extra syllable adds nothing to the name except an extra frill, and a generic one and not particularly attractive one at that. Some of them are contractions of another name and Ana/Anna (e.g. Marianna) and I don't like that either.

    Briana isn't my favorite name, but it at least makes sense why the -iana is there: it's Brian with an -a. (I wonder if anyone's tried to make an -iana name out of Brian or Bryony - Bryonyana and Brianiana. *cringe*) Same for names like Adriana and Luciana (I don't like Luciana at all, but it makes sense in theory). I'd prefer something like Andrina, Andrea, Lucretia or even Lucinda. And Eliana is another example of a traditional name with this ending that I still find to lack character.

    I strongly dislike Liliana. Lilian is already a good name for a girl.

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