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    Lightbulb Advice? Suggestions?

    I'm bored to death of my favorite names.

    Oh, I still love them. The problem is I've loved them for a little too long. They've gotten stale. I need new ideas! So I come to you, Berries. What do you think of these lists? Do any good sibsets appear? Any common threads style-wise? Do you have any suggestions for other names I might like based on those I already love?

    Sadie [though I would prefer this as a nn for a longer fn]


    Others I love that didn't make the list include Waldo, Baxter, Ferdinand, Dashiell, Lydia, Florence, Juniper, and Harriet. I tend to go for more uncommon names, though I've recently loosened up enough to enjoy names in the 200s and even (gasp!) high 100s. I live in a big artsy city and have a rather offbeat lifestyle (writer, activist, tattoos, purple hair, etc), and I love unusual names with interesting histories and a sophisticated sound.

    So, any ideas? Help me, Nameberry, you're my only hope!
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    I adore your style. Many of these names appear on my own lists - I especially love Sylvie, Iris, Hazel, Roscoe, Waldo and Dashiell - I think a sibling pair of Hazel and Roscoe, or Sylvie and Dashiell, would be stunning.

    Some names I like that may appeal:



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    I LOVE Beatrix, Bianca, Vivian, and Leo. Thank you!

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    Just giving this a bump...anyone else have ideas or suggestions?

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    Hey, there, Augusta Lee! You've got some great names!

    Miranda is fabulous. Not enough people use her. I'd throw out Melisande and Mazarine and maybe Morgana as well. Eloise is lovely and peppy but has a graceful, prim front. I'd also suggest chic and sassy Eloisa and Elora. Sylvie really dresses up Sylvia in a fun, modern way. I can't say a thing more about it! Iris is elegant and demure. For similar name styles, you might try Bryony or Flora, but Risa or Irina could be good as well. Oh, Lucinda! So spunky. But, I have to say I love subtle, quirky Lucille just a tad bit more. I also love modern, French Lucienne. Margot. Lovely! Again, I feel like people are afraid of Margot, even though she's relatively safe. If you liked Juniper, you might go for Magnolia, or Marigold, but you might also try one of my favorites, Margaretta! Esme is beautiful. Enough said. Though Estella and Estelle are so pretty, as is Noemi. And Noella! Hazel's poised to be a chart climber, but boy is she worth it! Try Aveline as a quirky sister form. Or Abilene if you like chummy Abie (Abby, Abbie - whatever). Sadie's one that's got me. Sure, she's Sarah with a whole lot more sweetness, but it's too much for me. You could try Sariah or Sarina as long forms, or go with a less sugary short name like Sosie, short for Susannah (or Shoshana!). Finally, Persephone. That's the most name you've got on this list, and I have to say it's not my taste. Sure, I love a good mythical name, but there's a huge difference between Persephone and, say, Athena. So, why not Athena or Minerva or even Artemis? Or, similar Greek-y, Roman-y names like Cassandra, Callista, or Cassia? I'd say you like ladylike and playful with a feminine, artsy punch. Off your list, I'd pair Sylvie, Eloise, and Margot in a heartbeat. Esme and Lucinda are pretty together as well. Heck, Esme and Miranda are pretty jaunty, too!

    Marlowe - in all spelling variants - is something I've considered as a girl's middle name, but I love it here as well! Elliot is a demure classic that's winning favor seemingly everywhere with that boyishly handsome Eli short form. I think both speak to a Brit surname-y vibe along the lines of Archer, Alcott, Bertram, Beckett, Benetton, Calder, Deveraux, Edison, Fergus, Graeme, Huxley, Maverick, Patton, Quentin, Roan, Sutton, Sylvester, Theobald, and Wiley. So, I threw a few extras in there, too. Ha! Now, Roscoe has some serious personality and style potential. Rafferty, too, might be up your alley. Calvin is boyish and strong, with a bit of a dated 50s, now hipster, flair. I like it! See above for some similar style names, but Edgar and Dexter might work, too. August is one of my favorites! Rowan and Basil might be similarly light and appealing for your name taste. Then we get Wallace and Arthur, on par with Calvin - though Arthur has a lot of style these days. I'd even go for Alfred of Alphonse! Felix is the epitome of cool, as is Milo, or Miles. Atlas is your bold outlier, miss! You might also try Armand, Cyprian, Caspar, Gryphon, Heracles, Horatio, Homer, Lysander, Noel, Niles, Pierrot, Quince, or Roman. And Bastian! And perhaps Bayard. Yea, that was another jumbled mess of names. Finally, Rupert fits just delightfully with names like Calvin, Wallace, and Arthur. What a set of four, actually! Try Cyrus and Silas and Rufus. And Russell. So, like I've sort of said, pairings of Marlowe and Elliot work, as do Calvin, Wallace, Arthur, and Rupert. Felix works well with Arthur, too. Roscoe is fun and I like him with Elliot, but I'd prefer him with something like Leland or Jude. August is light but shortens to spunky Gus, so I'd pair him with something like Arthur for Artie or Roman for Romy. Or Miles for Milo? Love 'em all. And how could I almost forget Peregrine for you! I think he's just up your alley. What is your alley? Well, you've got a huge vintage quirk. But it's not just vintage-vintage, like Julian, it's more of that nerdy-chic-hipster-vintage that works so well in your artsy lifestyle! It's up and coming, too, you know. You're poised to make a naming trend go wild! Embrace it. Then you've got the true vintage names on there, like August and Arthur and Elliot. And names with a little more of a current style, like Marlowe and Roscoe and those surname-y, cool ones. Finally, Atlas?! He's your Persephone outlier. Not as big of a name, but just as hard to mix in to your other loves.

    I'd advise you to stay true to your hipster-quirky-nerdy roots, madam. I get that you love a good outlier in the mythological, and that's fabulous, but I'm not sure you've found your naming home there. Or we'd see more of 'em showing up on your list. So, for girls, stay ladylike, stay old but not too old, stay sassy and perky, but keep a bit of a prim package. And, yes, you can be totally prim with some wacky nature name like Celandine, Magnolia, Marigold, or, yes, Juniper - Cece, Maggie, Goldie, and Junie? Cute. For boys, stick with the "nerdy-chic" style you seriously love. A name like Dexter would take you far, just like your favorite Calvin.

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