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Thread: Nymbler Game :)

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    Inspirations: Lyra, Eloise, Agnes, Asa, Leo, Henry

    Ada - A little too old for me, I just don't like it that much.
    Violet - Love, but getting so popular
    Lucy - I'm on and off with this one. It's nice, but right now it's not one of my favourites.
    Grace - Love it. Constantly on my list, although it's pretty far down at the moment.
    Lena - I've never really considered this, but I suppose it just doesn't appeal to me that much.
    Amelia - Hasn't been on my list for a long time, but I still like it with the nn Mia,
    Charlotte - I like it, but it's not on my list at the moment. It's too popular and predictable for me right now.
    Cora - Not really for me.

    Al - Reminds me of an old man that frequents the local pub. Alistair is cute, or Alexander, but not just Al.
    Oliver - My brother's name, so of course I love it. It mostly has a place as a middle on my list.
    Jack - Love it! So handsome, sounds so good with my bf's last name. Shame it's so popular here
    James - This is a name that honours so many people I know. Constantly finding a place in the middle on my lists.
    William - Another family name, and yet another consistent middle.
    Benjamin - I have to admit, I'm not Benjamin's greatest just seems so overdone to me. The nn Benji is cute though.
    Waldo -
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    Elizabeth-Find it boring
    Christina-Don't really care for this one
    Lauryn-Really don't like
    Grace-Fine, but not one I would use
    Olivia-See Grace
    Amelia-See Grace
    Caroline-Actually love this name
    Rose-It's been growing on me, used to see it as a plain-jane name, but Rose Tyler has really improved my view on it

    Sylvester-The first thing I think is Looney Tunes
    William-Love this, another name on my list
    Noah-See William
    Clayton-NMS, don't really care for it
    Oliver-See William
    Theo-Like Theo, but I prefer Theodore
    Benjamin-Find it boring, but I love Benedict
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    Great name game!

    Inspirations: Lucy, Jane, Lake, Jack, Julian, Eamon

    Olivia: too common
    Ella: much too common and not enough consonants
    Charlotte: Again, overused
    Lena: I dislike these "L" and vowell names. I can never remember them.
    Katy: Too cute
    Amelia: best yet! Good namesake, pretty sound, classic
    Vina: I don't even know how to pronounce it...
    Elizabeth: I love this name, but there are probably too many nicknames

    Owen: I like it, but it is so common
    Oliver: Pretty much the same as Owen
    Tad: Fun idea, but ruined by a bad connotation
    Cole: too modern
    Leo: Just really not into it
    James: Love
    Max: love

    So, basically, I'm hard to please.
    Names I enjoy:

    Girls: Lucy, Elena, Lake, Sylvie

    Boys: Jack, Eamon, Sylvan, Theo

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    My inspiration...


    What showed up...
    Amelia - Number 1 girl's names in the UK, so that's a no!
    Isabel - I know a million and one little Isabel's so no thank you...
    Hannah - Dated.
    Beulah - Never heard of it but it has an interesting sound.
    Grace - Dull.
    Sarah - Dated.
    Olivia - Far too popular and I know so many so would never use it.
    Elisa - I'm not sure if this is supposed to be Eliza? I don't like it at all.

    Ezra - It's on my long list, one of my favourites.
    Owen - Too popular in the UK and not my style.
    James - Bland.
    Liam - No, never liked it.
    Oliver - A favourite of mine when I was like 13 years old but far too popular now.
    Nathaniel - I love this but more for a middle name right now.

    Ezra and Nathaniel are the only ones that popped up that I love! Quickly glancing at the second page I see Judah, Henry & Samson which I like...
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    Marlee - I actually like Marley. BUT NOT MARLEE.
    Charlotte - Alright, a bit popular
    Kendal - I used to like Kendall, but definitely not Kendal
    Grace - like alright
    Laney - I actually quite like Delaney, though not just Laney.
    Bree - nms
    Lulu - I prefer Tallulah/Lula
    Katia - Alright, kinda nms

    Darion - I don't like this spelling, Darien or Darren is alright
    Tracey - eh, nms, plus I think it was the ln of my mom's first husband so I wouldn't use
    Jack - nms
    Cary - Like
    Ross - on my list!
    Ellis - on my list!
    Oliver - too popular. And I prefer Olivine, for a girl

    Also, I wanted to put as inspiration Azure (for a boy) but like NB Nymbler only lists it as a girl name and I was worried that'd skew it differently so.
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