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Thread: Nymbler Game :)

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    Amelia - It's nice. Was one of my favorites six years ago.
    Ava - Way NMS, but I don't dislike it.
    Beatrice - Love. Somewhere medium on my list.
    Celia - Also love.
    Charlotte - Dislike. Nymbler seems to suggest Charlotte for everyone no matter their style, which annoys me.
    Grace - Yawn.
    Lucille - Eh. Not a fan.
    Violet - It's ok.

    Adrian - Like it.
    Basil - Never really considered this one before. It's the kind of name I'd never use but would like to see on someone else's kid.
    Fabian - It's ok.
    Milo - Also just ok.
    Noah - Boring.
    Oliver - Nice enough.
    Titus - Really like it, but it hasn't cracked my favorites.
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    I listed...

    I got...
    Bernadette: Yuck!
    Elizabeth: It's a bit boring to me, but I like all the nickname options.
    Emilie: Not really my style.
    Elodie: It's cute.
    Lea: Not a fan.
    Violet: I love Violet, but it has become too popular.
    Isabelle: I prefer Isabel.
    Charlotte: Charlotte has the same problem I have with Violet.

    Jeremiah: Cute, but I wouldn't use it.
    Noah: Ditto above.
    Isaiah: Not a favorite.
    Josiah: I can see it growing on me.
    Moss: I can see using this one as a middle name.
    Jerome: No.
    Jonas: I like.
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    Victoria- this is pretty, but the possible nn of Vicky ruins it for me
    Audrey- I like it a lot
    Isabel- upon first glance I didn't care for it, but it's growing on me
    Lucy- cute but I don't like the ee ending
    Sadie- I'm on the fence about this one. Sometimes I love it, others it should just be a nn
    Madeline- i don't love it but I don't hate it. I'd want her to be called strictly Madeline
    Julia- I know far too many to give this name a chance
    Mariah- nms

    Henry- while I used to love this name, it's gotten rather old
    Elijah- see Isabel
    Benjamin- something about the sound of it irks me
    Ezra- the PLL association is a little overbearing especially for my age group
    James- I love this soo much but so did 4 couples in my family so no dice
    Oliver- I go back and forth on this one, kind of cute
    Walker- I like the sound of it but not the whole walker aspect of it if that made any sense whatsoever..
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    Emil Sounds okay, but not my style.
    Max good name if not too common.
    Noah Used to like this one a lot more than I do now.
    Fredrick Definitely not my style!
    Keane Reminds me of the band.
    Owen Really adore this name, even if it's popular!
    Quinn Love it but only for a boy as Nymbler suggested!

    Lelia Not bad!
    Ava Just way too over-used.
    Grace Sounds sweet and nice.
    Rena Eh...
    Ada It's one of my favorites!
    Charlotte Classic and nice and I have no problems with it, but also wouldn't use it.
    Amalia Nah.
    Keira Feels dated to me.
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    I got:
    Leah -my name
    Elisa -I want to like it, but I just don't. I love seeing other people use it though
    Charlotte -name of one of my best friends, but way too popular
    James -classic, my cousin's name
    Oliver -again, I want to like it, but I just don't.
    Clayton -no.
    Grace -too popular, filler for me
    Lucy- cute, but can't see myself using it
    Olivia- too popular
    Benjamin -nice, but popular
    Leila -really cute, but too close to my name. If it wasn't I would really consider using it.
    Simon -on our long list!
    Noah- my bil name
    Ella- I prefer as a nickname actually, short for Gabriella and the like.
    Henry -cute!
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