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Thread: Nymbler Game :)

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    Carly: Ugh. Definitely NMS.
    Lucy: A bit too cutsey for me.
    Rena: Much prefer Lena.
    Charlotte: Lovely, but so popular!!
    Lena: Gorgeous!!
    Antoinette: NMS at all!!
    Grace: Too overused.
    Marguerite: Erm...No.

    Leo: Cute, but NMS.
    Antoine: No. Just no.
    Jerome: Again...NMS.
    Quentin: I like Quinn, but not Quentin.
    Lucien: NMS at all!!
    Marty: Erm...Too nicknamey, but this probably came up because I like Ollie.
    Napeleon:...Dynamite? Its would be cute, for a cat, or a mouse...maybe a fish??

    Jude, blackbird.

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    Pansy - Dislike.
    Lydia - It's okay.
    Claudia - Dislike.
    Elise - It's okay.
    Nina - Dislike.
    Victoria - It's okay.
    Petra - Beautiful.
    Adela - It's pretty.
    Katharine - Classic, prefer Catherine.
    Nona - Dislike.
    Fiona - It's okay.
    Evangeline - Love, Love, Love.
    Sadie - Dislike.
    Julia - It's okay.
    Isabella - It's pretty but overdone.

    Watson - Uhm, no.
    Cassius - It's okay.
    Gibson - Nope.
    Sawyer - It's okay.
    Elam - No...
    Noah - Too popular.
    Crawford - Nope.
    Rowan - Love.
    Barton - Dislike.
    Baxter - Dislike.
    Montgomery - Love, Love, Love.
    Owen - It's okay, too popular.
    James - Love this classic.
    Manley - Nope.
    Sumner - Dislike.
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    Names that popped up:
    Julia - I like it but it's not a true favorite
    Elisa - nah.
    Elisabeth - pretty, I like this spelling more than Elizabeth, but would probably use Elizabeth because I'm conservative in names. But I also wouldn't use Elizabeth generally due to some bad associations.
    Ella - pretty, but too trendy for me
    Joanna - I like it, but not a true favorite
    *Eve - a true favorite, love it.
    Sara - I like it quite well, but would spell it Sarah since it's more traditional/common. I don't think I'd use it though - nothing at all against it I just like too many other names more.
    *Johanna - love it, a true favorite.

    2/7 on the girls names for perfect hits, but none were horribly misguided.

    *Benjamin - a definite real favorite I'd consider using.
    Noah - I like it but nah, too many others I like more.
    *Jesse - I like it a lot, have considered it in the past, probably won't use it though as I'm a Jessica. But sometimes I think that's cool.
    Marcel - no. Just, no. I really don't know why it picked this.
    Ivan - un unh. I'm warming up to it slowly as a name, but not ever as an option, I don't think. I kind of get why it might have suggested it at least, though.
    Daniel - I really like the name, just can't use it because of bad associations.
    *Henry - love it, a true favorite and a contendor

    so 3 for 7 on the boys, 1 more than girls, but also 2 pretty misguided choices.


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    Eve - Absolutely love it! So classy and smart.
    Lena - Not bad, but NMS
    Abigail - Nice. I used to not like it, but now I do quite a bit.
    Elisa - I like it. My grandmother's middle name was Elise, but pronounced Elisa.
    Susana - Totally beautiful, but I prefer two Ns.
    Elisabeth - Beautiful name. I prefer the usual spelling of Elizabeth.
    Charlotte - Fabulous name! Such a classy feel to this name!
    Lea - Okay, but NMS. I prefer the spelling Leah.

    Alexander - Great name!
    Simeon - I wouldn't use it, but it's okay.
    Ruben - NMS. Prefer the spelling Reuben
    Raphael - Not bad, but NMS.
    Joel - It's quite nice.
    Jack - I like it better as a nn than a formal name.
    James - Nice name. I like it best as a mn.

    None of the names are terrible. I would definitely use Eve and Charlotte. For boys, I would consider Joel and James as middle names.
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    Grace - It's fine, but I think it's more of a middle name for me.
    Amelia - I like this one.
    Megan - I know too many Megans.
    Lily - I actually really like this one
    Jewel - I don't like this one...
    Meagan - Same with Megan.
    Britta - Nahhhh. I know a girl with this name.
    Shauna - Nah. Don't like the Sean association.

    Collin - I really like this one.
    James - This one's on my list
    Ross - It isn't bad.
    Henry - Too old sounding for me.
    Evan - I have a very good friend named Evan, so it works.
    Oliver - It isn't bad.
    Tomas - I really prefer Thomas.
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