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Thread: Nymbler Game :)

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    Willow- Pretty, it fits with my naming style and I like it.
    Autumn- Not a fan, I like the name but I just feel like no one should name their child after a month or a season. (I am guilty of liking July, though)
    Jewel- Not a fan, sounds kind of fake to me.
    Hazel- Cute name, just not my style
    Gray(It's a girl name!)- Love this name, especially for a girl. If I ever have G/B twins, Gray and Ash would be a wonderful pairing I feel.
    Sage- Wonderful name. Makes me think of a pretty girl that likes to read.
    Crystal- Dislike, see Jewel.
    Jade- It's pretty, but i'd never use it.

    Henry- Too bland for my taste.
    Mace- Isn't Mace pepper spray? Anyways, besides that, it's a cute name that might fit a strong little boy.
    Blaine- Glee! I like this name, despite the fact it isn't my style.
    Hayes- Not sure about this one
    Jett- I like it. Sounds manly.
    Cal- Cal would be a nn instead of an fn for me. nn for Callum, since I love that name!
    Roan- Definitely prefer the spelling Rowan.
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    Girl suggestions:
    Amelia - Pretty, but I have a bad association with this name (due to a fictional character, but still).
    Augusta - LOVE. Clearly can't use with August, though, which is my top boys' name. But I secretly love NN Gus on a girl.
    Charlotte - It's okay. Lovely for someone else but I find it kind of bland.
    Grace - So overused that every time I hear it I roll my eyes, honestly.
    Olive - Don't like it as a food or a name.
    Violet - Too popular for me. Plus it sounds like 'violent' which I really dislike.
    Clementine - LOVE. Probably wouldn't use, but I really like it.
    Flora - LOVE. I used to babysit a Flora though, which is why I prefer Florence NN Flora or Wren (and also because Florence is a family name).

    Boy suggestions:
    Emil - No thanks. I feel like it'd be hard in my area for people to spell and pronounce, and I don't think the sound is attractive.
    Oliver - Too popular, and very Dickensian.
    Alvin - And the Chipmunks? No.
    James - Maybe as a middle name, but I have an uncle Jimmy (full name James) so could be confusing. Plus I dislike all NNs for James.
    Julius - Not a big fan, I think of an orange julius (the drink).
    William - NEVER. My dad's name, which is a strong negative association for me. Even short forms Will and Liam make me cringe.
    Jack - LOVE, but could never use because of popularity. Plus it's become kind of a joke name for me and my mom, because every time I come up with a boys' name she doesn't like she says "Well then I'll just call him Jack instead". She's obsessed! Lol

    ...So the moral of this story is I'm extremely picky with boys names! Haha I have a top 5 for girls and a top 2 for boys (if that).
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    Brice- no, don't like the name or this spelling
    Drew- no
    Keane- no
    Rory- no
    Brett- love it, already on my list
    Whitney- no
    Blair- love it, already on my list
    Devyn- no, hate that spelling
    Clancy- no
    Tory- my bro's name so no
    Lee- no
    Noah- no
    Tracey- my cousin's name so no
    Blane- no
    Oliver- no

    Iris- no
    Honey- no way
    Treasure- no way
    Isis- no
    Jasmine- no
    Jade- no
    Heaven- no way
    Serenity- no way
    Lark- not crazy about it, maybe a mn
    Violet- not crazy about it, maybe a mn
    Ella- no
    Scarlett- no
    Diamond- no way
    Wren- not crazy about it, maybe a mn
    Blossom- no way

    Nymbler definetly failed. The only ones I'd use are Brett and Blair but they aren't that high on my list. Most of the girl names sound like they belong on strippers

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    This looks like fun.


    Grace - Not a fan of virtue names, but Grace is rather pretty. Maybe as a middle name.
    Emilie - I know an Emily. She ruined the name and every variant for me.
    Jewel - Ugh, no.
    Hadley - I hate the -ley fad.
    Willa - Very soft-sounding. Lovely.
    Caroline - Quite nice. I'd probably use it as a middle name for Willa or Wren.
    Elsie - Not a big fan of nickname names.
    Patience - Again, I don't really like virtue names. Patience sounds too much like a word rather than a name for me to use.

    Jasper - Love it. Would definitely consider using it.
    Noah - I used to really like this, but now not so much. Maybe it's the popularity of it.
    Holden - I don't mind it, but I don't like it much.
    Harmon - Bleugh, no.
    Leo - Very nice.
    Jack - Popularity killed it. I know more Jacks than I can count.
    Felix - Lovely meaning, but reminds me of the cat.
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    Audrey - Audrey is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine; too popular, but LOVE it all the same. Maybe an mn ...
    Olivia - Never really been a fan, although it's a nice name.
    Rachael - Rachael is one of my least favourite girls' names, actually. Not sure why.
    Lucy - Lucy is pretty, but it's not my favourite name by any stretch.
    Eve - Eve is one of my favourite names, and I have an adorable god-sister named Eve which makes me like it all the more.
    Ivy - NMS.
    Susana - I prefer Susannah, although this spelling has a certain charm to it all the same.
    Antonia - Not a fan.

    Emmett - Really like it, although the Twilight character sort of wrecked it for me.
    James - LOVE, although I hate the popularity factor.
    Oliver - One of my favourite boy names.
    Mark - Not a fan, really.
    Jack - While I like it, the popularity sort of wrecked it.
    Owen - LOVE the name Owen, and it has a bit of a special meaning for me because my mum said that if my sister or I were boys she would have used it.
    Peter - NMS, really.

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