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Thread: Nymbler Game :)

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    Nymbler Names:
    Delaney - Okay for a middle name.
    Rhianna - Hmm, kind of cute actually!
    Brigette - Not so much because of a girl in high school.
    Grace - Cute middle name.
    Scarlett - Reminds me of Scarlett Johansen.. Wouldn't use it.
    Shayla - Cute variation of Kayla.
    Makenzie - Wouldn't use it because my mom thought of naming another girl that.
    Cordelia - Definitely don't like.
    Garrett - Knew a kid from school named that.. Wouldn't use it.
    Orrin - Not my style.
    Jack - Do not like this name at all.
    Oliver - Okay for a middle name.
    Brendon - Cute, but wouldn't use it.
    Riley - Sounds more like a girls name.
    Noah - Kind of like it, but wouldn't use it.
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    Henry - I really like Henry but it's too popular + I have a nephew called Henry
    Wayland - Certainly something! I quite like it actually but I prefer Layland/Leland
    Milo - I love Milo!
    Keane - This is interesting, I quite like it actually.
    Aubrey - This was listed as a boy name, which I love! It seems so masculine to me
    Leo - I love Leo! It's just getting very popular around here!
    Williams - I prefer William

    Adelle - NMS, and it's too conected to the singer.
    Avery - I prefer this on a boy!
    Mila - I love Mila!! Hubby doesn't like it though
    Willie - Not keen at all..
    Mattie - I like this as a nickname for a girl. Not sure what it would be a NN for though.
    Violet - I love Violet so much! DH doesn't like it though (he's soo fussy).
    Isla - I do like Isla, it's pretty but really popular
    Harper - NMS. I used to like it on a boy but now theres too many girl Harpers
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    Shauna - I used to hate this name but I'm warming up to it. Prefer the spelling Seána.
    Deidre - Another name I'm growing to like but prefer Deirdre
    Maire - the pronunciation is a bit confusing..... not sure
    Charlotte - my youngest nursery student! (18 months) I associate it too much with a chubby ginger-headed baby!
    Maura - quite like this actually, although it's not a name I've given much thought to
    Brigitte - not a fan, although it's not terrible I suppose
    Susana - my mother's name, but horribly misspelled? No thanks (her name is Susannah)
    Elise - beautiful. I love it.

    William - it's decent but I love Will and Liam.....
    Blane - horrible. I detest this name!
    Oliver - wonderful!
    James - my brother's name so I wouldn't use it, but it is a very handsome name indeed!
    Jack - to me it seems a bit nicknamey.....
    Liam - Ah! I adore this name, despite its popularity
    Shane - noooo!!!! the name of my despicable high school music teacher!

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    What came up...
    Charlotte: I really like Lottie, but Charlotte isn't my style. I usually prefer shorter, spunkier names. It goes well with William though, which is probably why it came up.
    Pete: I've always thought Pete looks a bit unfinished. It's not really my style.
    Neva: I just feel like it's the chivvy way of spelling 'never' which isn't really appealing to me.
    Mika: I think it looks and sounds cute, but I probably wouldn't use it.
    Anna: LOVE this name. 3 of my great grandmothers were called Anna/Annelise, and it's also my best friends name.
    Pierce: It's a nice name, and I understand why people might like it, but it's not really my style.
    Gracie: I think it's a bit boring actually.
    Barney: Not attractive. I think it sounds a bit... Clumsy? I don't know how to explain it.
    Lily: A bit overused, but it is beautiful.
    Cole: Sounds like coal. Nms.
    James: Handsome name.
    Nick: Boring!
    Tony: Nms.
    Elizabeth: I adore all the nn options like Eliza, Ellie, Beth, Betsy, Bess etc. I would rather just use one of the nicknames as the full name though.
    Olivia: I've always thought that it's a beautiful name, but it is a bit overused. I would use it with a more uncommon nickname though. Love the nn Liv.

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    Olivia ~ Far too popular and reminds me of olives. Pretty but I wouldn't use it.
    Lila ~ Too simple and nicknamey.
    Helena ~ Never know how to pronounce it, either way I'm not keen.
    Grace ~ Used to love this name but I don't like the 'gr' sound. Pretty though.
    Ella ~ Too popular, dislike.
    Audrey ~ Don't like the 'au' sound.
    Johanna ~ Don't like the 'h' they've put in, not keen on Joanna anyway.
    Lina ~ Too simple and nicknamey.

    Noah ~ Too biblical.
    Emmett ~ Love this name! It's on my list already!
    Max ~ Not keen as it just makes me think of 'maximum'.
    Leo ~ It's okay, bit too simple.
    Benjamin ~ Love! Already on my list!
    Ari ~ Too nicknamey.
    Samuel ~ Way too popular!
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