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    Names that represent new beginnings?

    Anastasia is one due to it's meaning of "reborn", and I think names with the meaning of "dawn" is good too, like Dawn, and Aurora. Also some nature names, perhaps like Chloe meaning "green shoot", so like a new plant/life.

    Any other ideas that fit the theme of new beginnings, and starts?
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    Phoenix (bird reborn from ashes) came to the top of my mind, It's more of a boy's name though imo some others that I found are:

    Renee - reborn
    Renata - reborn
    Aviva - spring, renewel
    Nova - new
    Naveen - new
    Dagny - new day
    Neona - new
    Genova - new wave
    Roxanne - dawn
    Sahara - dawn
    Eliana - sun

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    Oriana -- dawn
    Roxana -- dawn or little star
    Roxanne -- dawn
    Sahar -- "dawn, morning, awakening"
    Zorina -- golden dawn


    Renate -- to be born again
    Anastasia -- which means "Resurrection" not "reborn"


    Kia -- seasoning's beginning
    Zera -- seeds, beginning


    Dagny -- new day
    Idony -- renewal
    Neoma -- new moon
    Newlyn -- new pond
    Nouvel -- new
    Nova -- new
    Signe -- new victory
    Zelenka -- "green, new, fresh, innocent"

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    I love the suggestions of Aviva and Renata, and Aurora was definitely one of my first thoughts! The only one I can think of to add is Ayelet, a Hebrew name also meaning "dawn", I believe. I'm not sure it really qualifies, but I do like the idea of Niamh in this category, as well--an Irish/Gaelic name meaning "radiance". Maybe not, but it sort of fits, to me.
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