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    01. Asa {Here in Denmark, it's the name of a big oatmeal company, Asa Solgryn, but I wouldn't mind using it though}
    02. Helios {The only name I'd consider using it with is Alexander, but Cleopatra had her Alexander Helios, so that would be too much}
    03. Viserys {The loveliest ASOIAF boys name, I reckon it's too special though, and the character Viserys isn't too pleasant either}
    04. Fyodor {Would honour one of my favourite authors, Dostoyevsky, but I fear it would be mispronounced constantly}
    05. Vasili {As above, it sounds so beautiful pronounced right but I wouldn't risk having this gorgeous name ruined when mispronounced
    06. Rhaegar {Too strong ASOIAF association}
    07. Renly {Same as above, besides Renly Baratheon isn't my favourite Baratheon brother, Stannis is, and out of love for that character I could never name my son Renly, as pathetic as it sounds}
    08. Magne {In the Norse mythology, Magne is Thor's son and inherits his hammer after ragnarok, the main problem about this name is that it doesn't age very well, I can't really see an older Magne}
    09. Birk {Astrid Lindgren's Ronia the Robber's Daughter (or in Danish, Ronja Røverdatter) was my favourite children's book and though Birk has his annoying moments, it's a really lovely boys name}
    10. Alexei/Alexis {Alexei would be pronounced wrong, Alexis has been ruined by Joan Collins's Dynasty character}

    Close follow-ups: Pompey, Edgar, Ramses, Finbarr, Remy, Valerius, Aragon.

    01. Hester {There's nothing wrong with this name at all, I could definitely see myself using it}
    02. Marie-Bonaparte {Is it weird using Bonaparte as a name? I think this combination is one of the most beautiful out there, it sounds so gorgeous and the names compliment each other beautifully}
    03. Saga {This is a special case of me preferring the Danish pronunciation to the English one. Sa- is pronounced like Saxon, and -ga is pronounced like Gandalf}
    04. Zenobia {Ough, I love it, wouldn't mind using it as a middle name}
    05. Regitze {Main issue with this (gorgeous) name is the pronunciation, the Danish pronunciation of it is almost impossible in English}
    06. Visenya {I love the sound of it, but again, it might be too "out-there"}
    07. Margaery {I don't pronounce it like Marjorie but like Margaret just with ery in the end, it would be mispronounced constantly though}
    08. Marie-Antoinette {A certain Austrian Princess came and made sure I would never be able to name my daughter that without completely ridiculing her}
    09. Cosima {So torn about this because on one hand I'd totally use it because it sounds so phenomenal, but on the other hand it does sound like the name of a spoiled little brat}
    10. Vilhelmiinannguaq {I bet no one can guess what's wrong with this it's Greenlandic (and I'm 1/4 Greenlandic) and pronounced kind of like Wilhelmina}

    Close follow-ups: Caroline-Mathilde, Ceilidh, Eowyn, Rhaenys, Aspasia, Vesper.
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    Oooo, this is fun!

    1) Lumina
    2) Ambrosine
    3) Indigo
    4) Augustine
    5) Lavender
    6) Carlotta
    7) Bellatrix (dang it, Harry Potter...)
    8) Mabry
    9) Juniper
    10) Crimson

    1) Ollivander (Once again, Harry Potter haha)
    2) Carmichael
    3) Remington
    4) Macallister
    5) Nickolai
    6) O'Ryan
    7) Jacoby
    8) Lorenzo
    9) Casper
    10) Lysander

    Juliet, Willow, Camilla, Luna, Genevieve, Lorelai, Clarice, Emmeline, Isla, Eloise, Amelia, Mabel, Aurelia, Lumina, Lavender

    Declan, Camden, Leo, Luca, Oliver, Rhys, Griffin, Milo, Yves, Rémy, Theo, Jasper, Gavin, Anders, Félix, Ollivander, Maxim

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    This is fun. Here's a quick list I just came up with, I'm sure there are tons more. I definitely need to dig through my old name lists from ~10 years ago for more really out-there gems.

    Adlai (Stevenson)
    Sabin (Final Fantasy VI character)
    Rhydian (Roberts)
    Idris (Elba)
    Liev (Schreiber)
    Jordi (Catalan version of George, would be considered too feminine elsewhere, I suppose)
    Llyr (pronunciation... it’s the name of Rhys Ifans’ brother)

    Astoria (the hotel)
    Eilonwy (Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain)
    Djuna (Barnes)
    Daenerys (A Song of Ice and Fire)
    Sephora (apparently this is heavily associated with a cosmetics brand in the US)
    Lyra (His Dark Materials)
    Evolet (10,000 BC)
    Tessera (it’s Greek for ‘4’ and stands for lots of other stuff)
    Toril (Norwegian? girls’ name that most people wouldn’t get)
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    Zephyr - yes, for a girl.. The NN Ephie is so cute but I could never bring myself to use it. I love it for a boy though.

    Alexavier - I know, I know.
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