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    01. Asa {Here in Denmark, it's the name of a big oatmeal company, Asa Solgryn, but I wouldn't mind using it though}
    02. Helios {The only name I'd consider using it with is Alexander, but Cleopatra had her Alexander Helios, so that would be too much}
    03. Viserys {The loveliest ASOIAF boys name, I reckon it's too special though, and the character Viserys isn't too pleasant either}
    04. Fyodor {Would honour one of my favourite authors, Dostoyevsky, but I fear it would be mispronounced constantly}
    05. Vasili {As above, it sounds so beautiful pronounced right but I wouldn't risk having this gorgeous name ruined when mispronounced
    06. Rhaegar {Too strong ASOIAF association}
    07. Renly {Same as above, besides Renly Baratheon isn't my favourite Baratheon brother, Stannis is, and out of love for that character I could never name my son Renly, as pathetic as it sounds}
    08. Magne {In the Norse mythology, Magne is Thor's son and inherits his hammer after ragnarok, the main problem about this name is that it doesn't age very well, I can't really see an older Magne}
    09. Birk {Astrid Lindgren's Ronia the Robber's Daughter (or in Danish, Ronja Røverdatter) was my favourite children's book and though Birk has his annoying moments, it's a really lovely boys name}
    10. Alexei/Alexis {Alexei would be pronounced wrong, Alexis has been ruined by Joan Collins's Dynasty character}

    Close follow-ups: Pompey, Edgar, Ramses, Finbarr, Remy, Valerius, Aragon.

    01. Hester {There's nothing wrong with this name at all, I could definitely see myself using it}
    02. Marie-Bonaparte {Is it weird using Bonaparte as a name? I think this combination is one of the most beautiful out there, it sounds so gorgeous and the names compliment each other beautifully}
    03. Saga {This is a special case of me preferring the Danish pronunciation to the English one. Sa- is pronounced like Saxon, and -ga is pronounced like Gandalf}
    04. Zenobia {Ough, I love it, wouldn't mind using it as a middle name}
    05. Regitze {Main issue with this (gorgeous) name is the pronunciation, the Danish pronunciation of it is almost impossible in English}
    06. Visenya {I love the sound of it, but again, it might be too "out-there"}
    07. Margaery {I don't pronounce it like Marjorie but like Margaret just with ery in the end, it would be mispronounced constantly though}
    08. Marie-Antoinette {A certain Austrian Princess came and made sure I would never be able to name my daughter that without completely ridiculing her}
    09. Cosima {So torn about this because on one hand I'd totally use it because it sounds so phenomenal, but on the other hand it does sound like the name of a spoiled little brat}
    10. Vilhelmiinannguaq {I bet no one can guess what's wrong with this it's Greenlandic (and I'm 1/4 Greenlandic) and pronounced kind of like Wilhelmina}

    Close follow-ups: Caroline-Mathilde, Ceilidh, Eowyn, Rhaenys, Aspasia, Vesper.
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