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    I think it's great if you want your daughter to constantly be mistaken for a boy. Eli is sooooo masculine and people will assume it's short for Elijah.

    Elle (like the letter 'L') or Ellie is much nicer.
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    I think do-able.

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    I think it's really cool, I never thought of Eli as a nickname for Elizabeth. I don't think anyone will mistake her for a boy because of her nickname once she's past toddler age (if they even do before then, considering how gender stereotypical most babies are dressed), but if they do, it's not a big deal. I have Elizabeth on my list for a girl too, also with a boyish nickname in mind. The great thing about having the name Elizabeth is she can switch to a different nickname easily if she wants to later in life. An Elizabeth has tons of options. But I think little Eli would fit in just fine with Addison, Morgan, Dylan, Logan, Alex, Sam, Taylor, Aubrey, and so on. It's becoming more and more common for names to be unisex.

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    I think a lot of people would call her Ellie, but aside from that I think it works and is a cute option for a girl named Elizabeth.

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    I think most will just think Ellie despite it being spelled Eli because it's a girl...

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