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    I'll put middle names when I know them.

    Grandmothers: Louise Ashbey, Effie.
    Great-grandmothers: Ruth, Barbara, Catherine (Kate)
    Great-great-grandmothers: Fanny Ashbey, Catherina (she was German), Emily

    A few more great-greats plus from my father's side, and aunts and cousins:: Hester, Hester Ann, Cora Frances, Ida Cordelia, Cordelia, Rebecca, Helen Ida, Helen Marie, Cora Alice, Anna Emily, Emily ruth, Emily Frances, Elizabeth, Muriel Sarah, Muriel Lee, Eva Olive and Edna Grace (twins), Jessie Ruth, Myra Harriet, Edith May, Louise Viola, Hester Ethel, Georgina Virginia, Alice Mary, Edith Helen, and a bunch of Lillians and more Idas.

    Great-great-grandmothers and beyondthe history of my maternal great-great-grandmother can be traced far back). Hannah Amelia, Phebe Ann, Catharine, Lucretia, Abigail (lots), Elizabeth (lots), Desire (this name was not unusual among early colonists), Amy (several), Eliza, another Phebe, more Hannahs (lots), Sarah (lots), Mary (lots) Dorothy (a few), Anna and Ann/Anne (several), Margaret (lots), Lydia (several), Experience, Lucy (several), Rebecca (several), Jane (several) Hester, Martha, Rhoda, Miriam, Arabella, Deborah, Joanna (several), Christabel (two or three), Thomazine/Thomasine, Alice (many), Agnes (several), Matilda, Frances, Margery (several), Grace, Mirable, Marie, more Catherines and Katherines, Joan (several), Ester, Maria, Betty, Dousabel, Susan, Isabel, Isabelle, Isabella, Johanna, Bridget, Bertha, Nancy, Blanche, Emma, Jenet, Jonet, Joyce, Amicia

    And some way-back Welsh ancestors: Mallt (Maud) (several), Angharad (several), Tangwystl, Nest and Nesta, Crisli, Catrin, Gwenllian (a few), Letis, Clydwen, Glwadus, Gwerful, Ystedur, Rhanault, Afrandreg, Elen, Mereddon, Esylt,

    Some of my Favorite Names:
    Girls: Anna, Alexandra, Anastasia, Lily, Ivy, Isla, Catherine, Cerys, Cara, Ciara, Aislinn, Adriana, Adrienne, Ariana, Alison. Genevieve, Alexa, Fiona, Annabel, Amabel. Angela, Noelle, Amanda, Amelie, Victoria, Sara, Vivienne. Tabitha, Adela, Sylvie
    Boys: Ethan, Nicholas, Aidan, Ciaran, Ian, Liam, Ryan, Justin, John, Cian, Evan, Noah, Brendan, Alexander, Thomas, David, Stephen, Declan, Finn, Flynn.

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    Carolyn Louise (sometimes nn Carly or Carol)--sister Donna
    Virginia Rae (sometimes Ginny)--sisters Harriet (Hattie), Geraldine (Geri), Florence, and Jane

    Great Grandmothers:
    Anna Josephine (mother of Carolyn)
    Lillie Ann (my grandpas mom)
    Udora Lavonne (mother of Virginia)

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    Berenice (but pronouced to rhyme with furnace) Leora
    Mildred nmn

    Great grandma was Ilona (Hungarian for Helen)

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    My grandma and her sisters/cousins: Elva, Etta, Cora, Nelly, Martha

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    Maternal was Marta (unsure of mn) and paternal was Lacona Gladys (always have been interested in the origins of her fn!!). My step-grandma's name is Deborah Adele.
    Juliet, Felicity, Alina, Talia, Elodie, Bria, Everly, Annabelle
    Elias, Dominic, Ronan, Bryce, Graham, Dean, Cole, Theo, Chase

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