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Thread: The 3 C

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    The 3 C

    I have 3 C names for a potential future daughter. From a previous post, I know Cordelia is a favorite. The other names are Cheyenne and Ciara.

    Cadence, Clarissa and Cordelia?
    Cadence, Clarissa and Cheyenne?
    Cadence, Clarissa and Ciara?

    Which fits better?
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    While Cordelia is a beautiful and dignified name, I think the best match for your other girls is Ciara. It's lovely.

    Cheyenne was a hit name in the mid-90s. It's very Wal-Mart to me, along with all the little Dakotas, Montanas, Codys and Wyatts galloping across the range.
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    I've never cared much for the name Cheyenne, but it seems to go with your other names the best. Cordelia and Ciara both end with the same sound as Clarissa, so it may be a bit much. But Cheyenne sounds different than your other daughters' names, but still is in keeping with your "C" theme.

    Are you open to other suggestions? How about Claire? I think it matches your other girls. Plus it is one syllable, so you could have girls with all different syllables.

    Other options:

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    Of your names, I prefer Cordelia, but I really like Claire, as another person suggested. It would compliment but not compete with your other daughters' names. I also totally, totally love Cressida (but her last name would also start with a hard C, so no little baby Cressidas for me)

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    Ciara! I only ever pronounce it the traditional Gaelic way as the see-air-ah prn agrivates me, but as KEER-ah I love it.
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