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    Mom's side:
    Grandma: Gladys Evelyn (love Evelyn)
    - Her Sister: Janet
    - Her Mom: Natalie
    Grandpa's Sisters: Barbara Anne
    Grandpa's Mom: Grace

    Dad's side:
    Grandma: Ruth Evangeline (love both!)
    - Her Sisters: Mary and Kristi (family name)
    - Her Mom: Marie
    Grandpa's Sisters: Barbara and Beverly
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    grandmothers- Amanda (no mn) and Lorene Bernice

    Amanda's sisters: Anna, Elisabeth, Elma, Lydia and Rosella Marie
    Lorene's sisters: Bernitta (not sure on spelling, prn bur-NEE-ta), Lydia, Katherine Serapta and more I can't remember
    two of my great-great-aunts: Lena and Ines (or maybe Inez), prn EYE-niss
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    Grandma: Dorothy Bernice (named for saint Dorothy)
    Grannie: Barbara Anne

    My grandma had nine sisters, and two brothers. Her sister were:
    Genevieve, Cecilia, Matilda, Theresa, Lillian, Elizabeth, Virginia, Kathleen, Pauline, and Margaret.
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    Grandmother: Marilyn Sandra
    Grandmother: Heather Anne nn Anne
    Great Grandmother: Mary Eleanor
    Step Grandmother: Debra nn Debi
    Step Great Grandmother: Patricia nn Pat

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    Grandmother: Katrina
    Grandmother: Mayda
    Great Grandmother: Antonia
    Great Grandmother: Camille

    If it helps, here are some sisters: Ana, Perry, Hilda
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