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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love Lena and Renata from your family tree!

    My grandmothers are Arlene Grace and Ruth Mae. Great-aunts, from what I remember: Mildred Jane (Millie), Virginia "Ginny", Muriel Cathleen "Cathie", Wanda (MN Marie? I'm really not sure), and Patricia "Patty". My great grandmothers were Katherine Amelia "Katie", Lavantia Elmira (ugh, the epitome of old lady to me, lol, I don't see the appeal at all!), Edna Mae, and Christy Mae.
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    Casper Nathaniel EdenEleanor Pasqualina Mary "Lena"Samson Adler JackPoppy Éliane Clementina
    Thomas BenjaminAlice ClementineIan MarinerAmelia Winter
    Claire JuniperDesmond JoshuaHazel IsabellaEzra Borealis

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    My grandmother's names were Mabel Jean and Sarah Bess. My great aunt is Evelyn but she doesn't have a middle name.
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    Don't know middle names, but Marion and Ruth.
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    Grandmothers: Clara Colleen and Theda Kay
    Great grandmothers: Mary Zelma and Mary Margaret
    Husband's grandmothers: Anita, Naomi
    Husbands great grandmother: Pearl

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    Both my grandmothers were called Betty. But my mom's mom was Betty Jean and my dad's mom was Betty Lou.

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