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    DH: Kyle Robert
    DW: Brynn Elizabeth

    Year 1: You adopt a girl from Cambodia
    ADD: Neary Elizabelle

    Year 2: You adopt a puppy! What's it's name?
    Dog's Name: Bodhi

    Year 3: You have B/B twins.
    DS's: Wesley Patrick & Cooper Thomas
    Year 4: You adopt a girl from China.
    ADD: MeiLei Grace
    Year 5: You move to a different country. What country?

    Year 6: You get 6 pet chickens! Their names?
    1. Chicky
    2. Cluckster
    3. Herman
    4. Eggbert
    5. Lyle
    6. Posey

    Year 7: You adopt B/G twins from Mexico.
    ADS: Emilio Robert
    ADD: Savanna Jane

    Year 8: You start a business w/ you sister. What is it?
    Children's Clothing Boutique

    Year 9: You have B/G twins.
    DS: Jacob Fisher
    DD: Julianne Finley

    Year 10: You adopt B/B twins from Russia.
    ADS's: Sergei Kyle & Mikhail Travis

    Year 11: You start a business with your DH. What is it?
    Custom Furniture Store

    Year 12: You have twin boys.
    DS's: Easton Ray & Nicholas Barrett 'Cole'

    Year 13: You have a baby boy.
    DS: Bennett Jackson 'Benny'

    Year 14: You buy a new house. What does it look like?

    Year 15: You event something. What is it?
    A Robot helper to help with all these kids!
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    My name is October Raine Lark but everyone calls me Toby.
    This is me -
    I am a music teacher at the local high school. I am married to Leif Rowan Lark.
    This is him -
    He is a lifeguard at the local swimming pool. We have been married for a year.

    Year One: Life: Leif gets a new job at a sports centre in Manchester as the head lifeguard so we move closer to there for him.

    Year Two: Baby: We adopt boy girl twins from Mexico. We name them Rafael Jose Lark and Lolita Esme Lark "Raffy" and "Lola"

    Year Three: Baby: We have boy girl twins. We name them Nikolai Mariusz Lark and Kassia Anastazja Lark "Niko" and "Kassie"

    Year Four: Baby: We have a baby boy. We name him Thierry Olivier Lark.

    Year Five: Baby: We have a baby girl. We name her Erin Casidhe Lark.

    Year Six: Baby: We have triplets. Two boys and a girl. We name them Hugo Oskar Lark, Lotte Romy Lark and Rudi Felix Lark

    Year Seven: Life: We decide to move to Australia so Leif can be a lifeguard on Bondi Beach.

    Year Eight: Baby: We adopt a boy from Austalia and name him Soren Jakub Lark.

    Year Nine: Baby: We adopt girl girl twins from France and name them Hanna Lisbet Lark and Elsa Astrid Lark.

    Year Ten: Baby: We have triplets. Two girls and a boy. We name them Mai Tamie Lark, Suki Ume Lark and Kane Taro Lark

    Year Eleven: Baby: We have quads. Two girls and two boys. We name them Avani Bela Lark, Farha Sevati Lark, Damian Arun Lark and Ravi Faiz Lark

    Year Twelve: Life: We adopt a puppy and call him Hollis

    Year Thirteen: Baby: We have boy boy twins. We name them Dimitri Cermak Lark and Josef Marek Lark

    Year Fourteen: Life: We move to a bigger house so we can fit our many kids in.

    Year Fifteen: Baby: We have girl girl boy triplets. We call them Briar Seren Lark, Eira Gwyneth Lark and Morgan Yale Lark

    So my children are:
    Rafael, Lolita, Nikolai, Kassia, Thierry, Erin, Hugo, Lotte, Rudi, Soren, Hanna, Elsa, Mai, Suki, Kane, Avani, Farha, Damian, Ravi, Dimitri, Josef, Briar, Eira and Morgan.
    Kaspar, Felix, Dmitri, Rudi and Soren
    Amelie, June, Belle, Luna and Violet
    *Not expecting, just collecting*

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    Your Name: Kassandra Anastasia Rinaldi - 40
    DH Names: Peter James Rinaldi - 40
    DS - Tobias "Toby" Peter Rinaldi - 18
    DD - Lucia "Lucy" Madeline Rinaldi - 18
    DD - Clara Rose Rinaldi - 15
    DD - Eliana Mae Rinaldi - 14
    DS - James Steven Rinaldi - 13
    DS - Elijah "Eli" Jared Rinaldi - 13
    DS - Nathaniel "Nate" Zachary Rinaldi - 13
    DD - Livia Esme Rinaldi - 13
    DS - Adam Joseph Rinaldi - 12
    DS - Samuel "Sam" Timothy Rinaldi - 12
    DD - Camilla "Milla" Louise Rinaldi - 11
    DD - Serena Claire Rinaldi - 11
    DS - Noah David Rinaldi - 11
    DD - Ariana Chloe Rinaldi - 9
    DD - Georgia "Georgie" Reece Rinaldi - 9
    DD - Vasilisa "Lissa" Elodie Rinaldi - 7
    DD - Isla Catherine Rinaldi - 7
    DS - Jude Ethan Rinaldi - 6
    DD - Ginevra "Ginny" Therese Rinaldi - 6
    DS - Levi John Rinaldi - 4
    DS - Abram Luke Rinaldi - 4
    DS - Caleb Issac Rinaldi - 4
    DD - Sonya Lucille Rinaldi - 4
    DD - Luna Evangeline Rinaldi - 4
    DS - Aaron Daniel Rinaldi - 3
    DS - Mark Charles Rinaldi - 3
    WHAT I INVENTED - hologram chip for cellphones. Became billionaires!
    HORSE - Caramel Apple Latte "Cal" (named by Lucy and Toby when they were 8)
    HOUSE - In Greece, there are still ancient homes from Athens built centuries ago. We live in one of those houses, complete with a pool, pathway to the beach, 10 bedrooms (18-13 years old boys room, 18-13 girls room, 12-11 year old boys room, 11-9 girls room, 6-3 year old boys room, 7-3 year old girls room, parents room, old nursery/office, and 2 guest bedrooms), and a live in cook/maid/nanny who helps Kassie balance the younger kids and the older kids. Moved to Greece because of Kassie's family, who used to be in the ruling class, offered Peter a job as ambassador.

    1. Miscarry - 16
    2. adopt B/G twins from Mexico - 15
    3. Invent something - 14
    4. New Car-13
    5. baby girl-12
    6. adopt a girl from China-11
    7. Quads! 3 boys, 1 girl-10
    8. boy twins-9
    9. triplets; 1 boy and 2 girls-8
    10. buy a horse-7
    11. adopt twin girls from France-6
    12. Move to Greece-5
    13. twin girls-4
    14. B/G twins-3
    15. quints! 3 boys and 2 girls-2
    16. B/B twins-1
    just a name nerd with lots of plans.
    Childhood cancer has names too. Never forget Ronan, Talia, Ty, and all the other children suffering

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    DW: Lily Frances Nobbs nee Bellamy
    DH: Arthur Calvin Nobbs

    Year 1: 5,5 You buy a horse! What's its name? The couple decide to start their own ranch and work towards being completely self-sufficient. Lily Frances convinces Arthur that you just can't have a ranch without at least one horse, so the two adopt a young female Palomino and name her Bethesda.

    2: 3,6 You choose what happens! Lily Frances and Arthur give birth to their first child: A boy named Hugo Ezra Nobbs. Arthur has gotten a job in Animal Husbandry, and Lily Frances makes money selling herbs, vegetables, flowers from their garden, so Hugo is welcomed into a home that is financially stable.

    3: 3,6 You choose what happens! Lily Frances and Arthur are so happy as parents that they decide to conceive again. Hugo is such a good, easy child that adding one more would be a huge blessing. Lily becomes pregnant and has another boy, who they decide to name Nigel Jack Nobbs.

    4: 5,5 You buy a horse! What's it's name? Now that Bethesda is broken and trained, Lily Frances wants a new young horse to work with. She is finally able to ride again after her last pregnancy, so Arthur picks her out a beautiful Buckskin and she names him Milo.

    5: 3,3 You get a new car! What car is it? With two children, Lily Frances needs a car to visit town for shopping and doctors appointments. Arthur takes their only car when he makes veterinarian house calls, so the couple go shopping for Lily Frances one of her own. She decides to get a green Subaru Outback.

    6. 3,6 You choose what happens! Lily Frances and Arthur were not planning on having any other children for a while, but some things happen whether you plan them or not. Lily Frances notices the sure signs of pregnancy, so calls out the town doctor to give her exam. Sure enough, she's pregnant, only this time the doctor is positive it's twins. By the end of the Nobbs' 6th year of marriage, twin boys Charles Oscar Nobbs and Liam Shepard Nobbs join the family.

    7: 6,6 You have B/G twins. Lily begins to miss her work and her horses, but Arthur insures both are taken care of. She enjoys spending time with her four children and wouldn't trade the mothering experience for anything in the world. When she and Arthur learn she is pregnant with her second set of twins, they are both ecstatic. Being a parent is the most rewarding part of their lives. They have another boy and their first girl. They name them: Felix Roland Nobbs and Evelyn Reid Nobbs

    8: 3,5 You adopt a cat. What's it's name? By this time, Hugo is old enough to have his own pet. Arthur thinks it would be an excellent lesson in responsibility, so he takes his oldest son to the local shelter to pick something out. Lily Frances expects them to come home with a large dog, so she is pleasantly surprised when they return with a tiny calico kitten. Hugo names her Addie.

    9: 5,5 You buy a horse! What's it's name? To supplement the family income, Arthur decides to use some of the property to open a riding school. With two horses already, he thinks adding one more to the family would be a good start to their new business. Lily Frances takes the children an auction and returns home with a second Palomino, a male whom they name Feivel.

    10: 3,6 You choose what happens! Arthur and Lily Frances decide the one thing their farm is missing is poultry. They decide to get 4 chickens and 4 ducks. The older children help decide names, and by the end of year 10, the Nobbs have: Chicks- Story, Tuesday, Link, and Conan. Ducks- Violet, Winter, Racer, and Ace

    11: 4,3 You adopt a boy from China. Lily Frances always wanted to adopt. Arthur came from an adopted family, and she wanted to help a child the way his family helped him. The couple put in application after application, and finally were accepted to adopt a child from China. The boy, Pei David Nobbs, is 6 months old when he joins the family.

    12: 6,3 You give birth to quads! Choose genders. Lily Frances and Arthur are older now and believe that with the addition of Pei, their family is complete. Nature has other plans when Lily Frances falls pregnant again. The doctor tells her it another multiple birth, so they make plans to expand the house to make room for the children. She was not expecting four babies at once, but the family makes it work. Lily Frances' sister comes by often to help, and the 11 children love having so many siblings to play with and take care of. The new additions (3 boys and a girl!): Julian Thatcher Nobbs, Harrison York Nobbs, Eliot Dexter Nobbs, and Margot Ramona Nobbs

    13: 4,1 You have a baby girl. Lily Frances never expected to be pregnant at 38, especially with 11 children already, 10 of which were natural births and 3 of the births were multiples. But pregnant she was. And this time with another girl. Evelyn, who turned 6 this year, was especially happy to receive another sister since the boys greatly outnumbered the girls. They name her Matilda Claire.

    14: 4,4 You adopt a girl from Cambodia. Lily Frances and Arthur work hard to show each child the amount of attention it needs and deserves. They seem to work miracles, and people start to take notice. They are approached with an opportunity to adopt another foreign child and cannot resist. A two year old girl from Cambodia named Maly Pich Nobbs joins the family.

    15: 2,3 You go on a vacation! Where? Lily Frances and Arthur celebrate their 15th anniversary by taking the entire family on a summer vacation to China. Lily Frances and Arthur visited China 4 years earlier when they adopted Pei, and since then have wanted to return. This time all of the children get to go, and it is a hectic but wonderful occasion.

    The Nobbs Family after 15 years:
    Lily Frances (40)
    Arthur (40)
    Hugo (13)
    Nigel (12)
    Charles and Liam (9)
    Felix and Evelyn (8)
    Pei (4)
    Julian, Harrison, Eliot, and Margot (3)
    Maly (3) [adopted]
    Matilda (2)

    Bethesda, Milo, and Feivel the horses
    Addie the cat
    Story, Tuesday, Link, and Conan the chickens
    Violet, Winter, Racer, and Ace the ducks

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    Roll dice twice to see what happens that year! You choose names of kids. Feel free to make a story out of it!
    Your Name:Felicity Pearl
    DH Names: Jonathan Tate

    If you want to try for a baby right after marrige, roll once. Then go to 'Life'. If you want to wait, go straight to 'Life'

    3. You're expecting twins! Choose genders

    Aurora Elsbeth & Sebastian Eli

    Life: Roll twice.

    Year 1: Johnathan and I start a baby photography buisness since we were so inspired by Aurora and Sebastian.
    Year 2: You have a baby boy named Theodore Lane
    Year 3: We addopt a little girl from the Phillipines. Her name is Jemmima Honnor because she's our little birdie and it was such an honor to be able to adopt her.
    Year 4:You go on a vacation to Ireland as thats where I and the Jonathan are from
    Year 5: We had a little too much fun in Ireland because,We have triplets! We name them Claire Marilla, Amelia Fleur, & Edison August.
    Year 6: We adopt a yorkiepoo we name Ellerbie
    Year 7: Johnathan and I go on a road trip to North Carolina and have a romantic getaway.
    Year 8: We adopt a little girl from Cambodia. Her name is Channary Louise. We love that she has a Cambodian name and can honor Jonathans grandmother with the middle we picked out. She's two years old.
    Year 9: We adopt a little boy from Australia; his name is Isaac Brooks and he is five months old.
    Year 10:We bought a horse, everyone thought we were crazy, but since we live on a farm, we thought it would be a great experience for the kids. We name her Raine for her beautiful grey dappled coat.
    Year 11: Ellerbie is older now and we descide to get another dog. This time we get a rescue dog, a sweet dog we name Sable.
    Year 12: Suprisingly, I get pregnant agian. I had lovely twin boys that Jonathan and I name Walter Grey and Elijah Tate
    Year 13: Jonathan was so inspired by the story of one of the premeies we photographed that he descided to study to be a neonatal specialist.
    Year 14: Jonathan working with babies makes me get baby fever we adopt a newborn little girl from China. We name her Alice Mei. Alice after my great grandmother and Mei because Mei Mei is little in Chinese.
    Year 15: WOW! I get pregnant once again. I guess I'm not ready to have an empty nest yet. We have lovely boy/girl twins we name Katherine Alouette and Laurence Tate

    So we have...

    Aurora & Sebastian
    Claire, Amelia, & Edison
    Kate & Edison

    also... two dogs (with more on the way, who knew ellerbie still had it in him) named Ellerbie and Sable and a Horse named Raine
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