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    Clary Elizabeth & David Michael

    Year 1: Clary and David adopt a two year old son from China. They call him Leo James.

    Year 2: Clary and David welcome twins! They have a little girl, Anna Claire, and a little boy, Luke Alexander.

    Year 3: Clary and David open a restaurant together, which they call Grazie.

    Year 4: Clary invents a board game, which she then sells to Hasbro.

    Year 5: Clary and David welcome three month old twins from Mexico. The girl is named Isabella Kate and the boy is called Jonah David.

    Year 6: Clary and David open a more expensive version of Grazie, which they call Grazie Buone.

    Year 7: Anna, who recently took up riding lessons, would like her own pony. So Clary and David, after months of nagging, finally buy a Shetland for all of the kids to share. They call the horse Dixie.

    Year 8: Clary and David take everyone on vacation to the Florida Keys.

    Year 9: Clary and David have twin boys! The boys are fraternal and called Phineas (no middle name) and Colton Phillip.

    Year 10: Clary and David adopt a three week old little girl from China. They call her Mary-Alice.

    Year 11: The family goes on vacation to San Francisco.

    Year 12: Clary and David adopt five month old twins from Russia. Both are boys. They're called Matthew Dmitri and Nicholas Andrew.

    Year 13: Clary and David adopt a two month old girl from Cambodia. Her name is Alexandra Rose.

    Year 14: Clary and David adopt six month old boy/girl twins from Mexico. Their names are Daniel Right and Kelly Renee.

    Year 15: Clary and David adopt two week old twin girls from France. Their names are Sophie Nicole and Charlotte Madeline.

    The Family:
    Clary and David
    Leo - 17
    Luke & Anna - 15
    Jonah & Izzy - 12
    Phineas & Colton - 7
    Mary-Alice - 6
    Matt & Nick - 4
    Alex - 3
    Danny & Kelly - 2
    Sophie & Charlotte - 1

    And of course, Dixie, the faithful Shetland.
    -- Lottie --

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    For an unexpected twist, I'm gonna try doing all Top 100 names. Cross your fingers. This might get messy.

    Your Name: Rebecca Jacqueline Stanley
    DH Names: Marcus Alexander Stanley

    If you want to try for a baby right after marriage, roll once. Then go to 'Life'.
    You're expecting a boy! Isaiah Jonathan

    Life: Roll twice.

    Year 1: Marcus, baby Isaiah and I move to Italy.

    Year 2: I have a baby boy named Mason Jeremiah.

    Year 3: I have B/G twins named Charlotte Naomi and Henry Sebastian.

    Year 4: I start a bakery with my sister Chelsea Alexandra called Everything Nice.

    Year 5: We adopt a baby girl from Cambodia. We name her Amelia Lauren.

    Year 6: We adopt a dog named Samson.

    Year 7: I have a baby girl named Lydia Jasmine.

    Year 8: We adopt another dog named Rosie.

    Year 9: We adopt G/G twins from France named Audrey Camila and Harper Julia.

    Year 10: Marcus and I open a steakhouse called Stanley Steakhouse.

    Year 11: I have a baby girl named Caroline Eva.

    Year 12: We get a new car, a blue Toyota Sienna (seats eight!).

    Year 13: We adopt a baby boy from China. We name him Dominic Alex.

    Year 14: We adopt a cat named Jasper.

    Year 15: We move to a new house. It looks like this:

    Pictures in next post.
    eva catherine ♡ sixteen

    genevieve lea juliette opal margaux amelie
    jack percy william ezra theodore louis

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    My name: Juliette Rae Hastings
    DH: Reece Langston Hastings

    Year 1 - Reece gets a new job at a big law firm in Dallas.

    Year 2 - Reece and Juliette adopt a Chesapeake Bay retriever puppy, which they name Beau.

    Year 3 - Reece and Juliette welcome twins boys--Elliot Langston and Jasper Leland.

    Year 4 - Reece and Juliette adopt twin girls from France. They are named Sophie Marguerite and Leonie Gabrielle.

    Year 5 - Juliette starts a business researching family history with her sister.

    Year 6 - Juliette gives birth to quads (two boys and two girls)--Austin Lazarus, Jonah Christian, Ivy Mirabelle, and Mavis Jewel

    Year 7 - Reece and Juliette adopt a boy and a girl from Mexico--Sebastian Javier (Bas) and Rosalie Estrella.

    Year 8 - Reece and Juliette get 6 pet chickens--Mal, Wash, Kaylee, Zoe, Jayne, and Inara.

    Year 9 - Reece and Juliette adopt a Maine Coon cat named Huck.

    Year 10 - Reece and Juliette welcome triplets (a boy and two girls)--Blake Lafayette, Pearl Evangeline, and Jemima Violet.

    Year 11 - Reece and Juliette adopt a girl from Cambodia--Willow Rebecca.

    Year 12 - Reece and Juliette adopt a boy from China--Oscar Lin.

    Year 13 - Reece and Juliette go on vacation to Australia.

    Year 14 - Reece and Juliette adopt an English Springer Spaniel named Watson.

    Year 15 - Reece and Juliette by a horse--Sparkle.

    Elliot, Jasper, Sophie, Leonie, Austin, Jonah, Ivy, Mavis, Bas, Rosalie, Blake, Pearl, Jemima, Willow, and Oscar

    Beau, Mal, Wash, Kaylee, Zoe, Jayne, Inara, Huck, Watson, and Sparkle
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Abel ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Remi ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Oona

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    DW: Grace Amelia Watson
    DH: Jack Nathaniel Watson

    Year 1: Grace and Jack have a baby boy and name him Henry Malachi.

    Year 2: Grace and Jack adopt twin boys from Russia. Their names are Jude Valentin and Isaac Damien.

    Year 3: Jack gets a new job as a columnist for the local newspaper.

    Year 4: Grace and Jack welcome triplet girls! They name them Eve Penelope, Mae Felicity, and Belle Naomi.

    Year 5: Grace and Jack adopt a Westie puppy and name him Leo.

    Year 6: Grace and Jack have boy/girl twins and name them Finn Tobias and Cora Genevieve.

    Year 7: Grace and Jack adopt twin girls from France. Their names are Lucille Manon and Rosalie Fleur, and they are called Lucy and Rose.

    Year 8: Jack is promoted to the editor of the local newspaper!

    Year 9: Grace and Jack adopt a cat and name her Holly.

    Year 10: Grace and Jack adopt boy/girl twins from Mexico. Their names are Silas Miguel and Phoebe Camila.

    Year 11: Grace and Jack welcome a baby girl and name her Alice Hermione.

    Year 12: Grace and Jack adopt a baby girl from China. Her name is Virginia Tai.

    Year 13: Grace and Jack have twin boys and name them Duncan Elijah and Truman Gabriel.

    Year 14: Grace and Jack have a baby girl and name her Kate Victoria.

    Year 15: Grace and Jack get six pet chickens! The kids name them Sally, Rhino, Pickle, Harry, Lily, and Abby.

    The Watson Family:
    Jack and Grace
    Henry (14)
    Jude and Isaac (13)
    Eve, Mae, and Belle (11)
    Finn and Cora (9)
    Lucy and Rose (8)
    Silas and Phoebe (5)
    Alice (4)
    Virginia (3)
    Duncan and Truman (2)
    Kate (1)
    Leo, Holly, Sally, Rhino, Pickle, Harry, Lily, and Abby
    19 year old name addict

    Alice, Amelie, Eleanor, Elodie, Eloise, Esme, Eve, Felicity, Imogen, Ivy, June, Maeve, Olive, Phoebe, Violet
    Dashiell, Declan, Elliot, Everett, Ezra, Felix, Finn, Henry, Hugo, Isaac, Jasper, Jude, Luke, Oliver, Samuel

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    Your Name: Anna Juliet
    DH Names: Noah James

    Year One: Have a girl. Charlotte Blythe

    Year Two: Adopt G/G twins from France, Genevieve Alice & Noelle Elisabeth

    Year Three: Adopt B/G twins from Mexico, Leo Jude & Lucia Jane

    Year Four: Have quads, all girls. Emmeline Mae, Corinna Pearl, Josephine Hope , & Eloise Kate

    Year Five: Adopt a cat, Daisy.

    Year Six: Have B/G twins. Oliver Maxwell & Sophie Annemarie

    Year Seven: DH gets a new job as a CEO.

    Year Eight: I open a bookstore with my sister

    Year Nine: Have B/G twins. Jack Evander & Violet Serena

    Year Ten: Adopt a girl from Cambodia, Margot Faith

    Year Eleven: Move to England

    Year Twelve: Adopt a boy from China, William Xavier

    Year Thirteen: Adopt boy twins from Russia. Alexander Levi & Nicholas Peter

    Year Fourteen: Adopt a girl from China, Ruby Caroline

    Year Fifteen: Have twin boys, Samuel Pierce & Thomas Lake
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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