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    Your Name: Elizabeth Taylor Simmons
    DH Name: Patrick Walter Perkins

    1st year: A girl named Patricia Elaine
    2nd year: Twin boys Ian Connor and Sean Josiah
    3rd year: Adopt a girl from cambodia: Ysabel Jorani
    4th year: G/G/B triplets: Lisa Caitlin, Mariah Kathleen, Henry James
    5th year: Road trip with DH to Columbus, Ohio
    6th year: Adopt another girl from Cambodia: Willa Champei
    7th year: baby boy: Abel Damian
    8th year: Quads! All boys: Oliver Patrick, Xavier Lewis, Gregory Mark, Branson Sawyer
    9th year: Adopt a girl from China: Rosemary Mei
    10th year: twins girl/boy: Rhoda Jane, Christopher Dennis
    11th year: Adopt a dog named Question (as in we couldn't decide his name)
    12th year: New business with DH: funeral home
    13th year: buy a horse named Stetson
    14th year: Adopt another girl from China: Evangeline Fen
    15th year: Invent something...that does stuff...automatic driving car, how's that?

    Living somewhere off funeral home/invention earnings with Patricia (15), Ian (14), Sean (14), Ysabel (13), Lisa (12), Mariah (12), Henry (12), Willa (10), Abel (9), Oliver (8), Xavier (8), Gregory (8), Branson (8), Rosemary (7), Rhoda (6), Christopher (6), Evangeline (2)
    And the pets:
    Question and Stetson
    Proud author of Kissimmee, Orlando, Mary, Adam, Mississippi, Micah, Georgette, Evelyn, Diane, Millicent, Maybeline, Prudence, Margo, Jade, Matthew, Susan, Maura, Mil, Floss, Connor, David, and so many many more

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    DH: Zeke Everett
    DW: Jennifer Corinne

    We got married in the summer of 1995, partly because I was expecting. Unfortunately, 1 month after the wedding, I miscarried. We were both unemployed back then and were living off Zeke's family money (he had a little money). When I lost that child, I decided to get a grip on myself and go find a job.

    Year 1, 1996: That year I found a job as a customer service representative in a bank. It worked out all right for me...

    Year 2, 1997: I was so worried I would miscarry again I kept postponing having another child. We decided to adopt a puppy. We named him Equinox. It was the most beautiful Samoyed puppy, all white and fluffly!

    Year 3, 1998: Equi soon started to take more room in our lives. That is when we realized we needed to have a baby. We wanted lots. And boys especially! I was not ready to get pregnant yet and expect and be disappointed like last time. So we decided to adopt twin boys in Russia. We knew about the situation over there and we wanted to help baby boys in need. We got Wendell Iosif and Sean Mikhail. We decided to give them American first names and Russian middle names.

    Year 4, 1999: With Wen & Sean with us, we could not afford Zeke's not working. He applied in McDonald's and got a job there! Yay!

    Year 5, 2000: We learned that it was very easy to adopt children in Australia so we decided to adopt another boy there. We loved Wen & Sean so much we wanted more! So we adopted Lucas Ethan.

    Year 6, 2001: With three boys at home, we could not afford our low-paying jobs any longer. We decided to open a restaurant/coffee place we called Forkista Coffee.

    Year 7, 2002: The restaurant was doing great and the boys were growing well. That's when I found out I was expecting. I was frightened and happy at the same time. We hoped it would be a boy. It wasn't a boy, but TWO. We called them Nelson Ethan (same middle name as Luke) & Rick Abraham.

    Year 8, 2003: Exhilarated by this experience, I was expecting again in a few months. We had another boy we called: Denis Gerard.

    Year 9, 2004: We loved our boys and they were great with us. We decided to adopt other twin boys in Russia, just like we did with Wen & Sean. We called them Davis Andrey & Matthew Daniil.

    Year 10, 2005: I got pregnant again but this tim we had a baby girl! We called her Alexia Darlene.

    Year 11, 2006: With our 9 kids and our dog, we decided that it was time to sell the restaurant. It was too much for us. We bought another firm of Product Evaluation Services. It worked well as well but we had way more time for ourselves and the kids.

    Year 12, 2007: We decided to adopt another boy, our tenth, but this time in China. We called him Chris Jié.

    Year 13, 2008: I got pregnant again! We had a baby boy we called Nicholas Fredrick.

    Year 14, 2009: AGAIN! This time would be the last... Cheaper by the dozen, they say. A dozen would be enough We got our second baby girl that we called Rosemarie Claudia.

    Year 15, 2010: We started thinking about ourselves and we bought the car of our dreams with the money we earned with our firm: a brand new Toyota Corolla! That year, Equinox died. All the kids were very sad... :'(

    Zeke & Jen with Wen (12), Sean (12), Luke (10), Nelson (8), Rick (8), Denis (7), Davis (6), Matt (6), Alex (5), Chris (3), Nick (2) & Rosie (1).

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    Your Name: Allison Aurora
    DH Names: Tyler David

    Year 1: [3] You're expecting twins! Boy/Boy
    Micah David and Noah Tyler

    Year 2: [3,6] You adopt two dogs. What's their names?
    Nemo and Dory

    Year 3: [4,5] You have G/G/B triplets
    Ivy Aurora, Ruby Jane, and Declan Reese

    Year 4: [1,6] You adopt G/G twins from China
    Molly Emmalyn and Elyse Madeline

    Year 5: [5,4] You start a business w/ your sister. What is it?
    We open a coffee shop/bakery and call it Allie's Corner

    Year 6: [2,4] Your DH gets a new job! What is he doing?
    Tyler is offered a chief of surgery position at the hospital.

    Year 7: [2,3] You go on a vacation! Where?
    We go on a family vacation to Washington State to visit Tyler's family.

    Year 8: [1,5] You adopt B/G twins from Mexico
    Ariella Maria and Felix Antonio

    Year 9: [5,2] You invent something. What is it?
    I invent a new type of coffee drink that has huge sales at our shop.

    Year 10: [1,4] You adopt B/B twins from Russia
    Nikolai Martin and Simeon James

    Year 11: [6,3] You give birth to B/B/G/G quads!
    Charys Nicole, Nathan Wyatt, Johanna Brooke, and William Brayden

    Year 12: [3,4] You move to a different house. What does it look like?
    We move into a much larger house where each kid can have their own space.
    Master: Allie and Tyler
    Room 1: Micah and Noah
    Room 2: Ivy and Ruby
    Room 3: Molly and Elyse
    Room 4: Declan
    Room 5: Ariella and Felix
    Room 6: Nikolai and Simeon
    Room 7: Charys, Nathan, Johanna, and William
    There are also 4 other rooms, one we have as an office, one a playroom, one a guest room, and one a storage room.

    Year 13: [3,6] You adopt two cats. What's their names?
    Sky and Patches

    Year 14: [3,3] You get a new car! What car is it?
    We get two GMC Savana Passengers, 12 seats each. One is steal gray metallic and the other is sand beige metallic.

    Year 15: [2,3] You go on a vacation! Where?
    We take all of the kids on a family vacation to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We also spend some time at Animal Kingdom as well as Blizzard Beach.

    List your family & pets!

    Allie and Tyler with:
    Micah and Noah, 15
    Ivy, Ruby, and Declan, 13
    Molly and Elyse, 11
    Ariella and Felix, 7
    Nikolai and Simeon, 5
    Charys, Johanna, Nathan, and William, 4

    Dogs: Nemo and Dory
    Cats: Sky and Patches

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    My name is Helena Irene Ellis and my husband's name is Owen Charles Ellis. We got married in 1997.

    In 1998, we bought a horse and named it Galahad.
    In 1999, we moved to London, England.
    In 2000, we had twins! We had a boy and a girl, named Gregory Hugo and Josephine Camille. We call them Greg and Josie.
    In 2001, we adopted a dog and named it Genevieve.
    In 2002, we adopted a cat and named it Steve.
    In 2003, I invented a new type of kitchen utensil.
    In 2004, we started a business to sell my invention.
    In 2005, I gave birth to quadruplet girls! We named them Brigitta Charlotte, Violet Rachel, Amelia Jane, and Margaret Louisa. We call them Britta, Violet, Mia, and Maggie.
    In 2006, we went on a vacation to Bora Bora.
    In 2007, we adopted another dog and named it Tucker.
    In 2008, we had twins! A boy named Nicholas Fletcher and a girl named Lydia Edith. We call them Nick and Lydia.
    In 2009, we moved to a big house in the country.
    In 2010, we had twin boys! We named them Spencer Felix and Robert Ian.
    In 2011, we bought a new car, a big van to hold all of our kids!
    In 2012, we went on a vacation to New York City.

    Owen and I have ten children: Greg, Josie, Britta, Violet, Mia, Maggie, Nick, Lydia, Spencer, and Robby.

    Greg and Josie, age 12:
    Britta, Violet, Mia, and Maggie, age 7:
    Nick and Lydia, age 4:
    Spencer and Robby, age 2:

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    Your Name: Laura Hayley
    DH Names: Alex Oliver

    Year 1: Leo Christopher is born.
    Year 2: Move into an old, renovated farmhouse with stables and a bit of land.
    Year 3: Open a restaurant named Cena a Torino.
    Year 4: Buy a dark bay horse named Bracken.
    Year 5: Adopt a ginger cat named Professor.
    Year 6: Road trip along the east coast of America.
    Year 7: Eliza Hayley & Harry Oliver are born.
    Year 8: I open a vet practice with my sister.
    Year 9: Adopt a Border Collie cross puppy named Alaska.
    Year 10: Adopt Clea Fabienne & Maelys Romane (Mae) from France.
    Year 11: Rosie Fairfax is born.
    Year 12: Alex inherits a large share in his father's business.
    Year 13: Adopt a tabby cat named Sherlock.
    Year 14: We create a new videogame series.
    Year 15: Matteo Will (Matt) & Connor Loyal are born.

    Leo (14) -
    Eliza & Harry (8) -
    Clea & Mae (5) -
    Rosie (4) -
    Matt & Connor -
    Bracken -
    Alaska -
    Professor -
    Sherlock -

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