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    Your name: Cordelia Claire Ellis
    DH's name: Vincent Bailey Ellis

    Year one: I can't believe it's almost been a year since Vince and I got married! Vince and I decided to wait to have children, but life had other plans! We welcome fraternal twins, Vivienne Marie & Connor Vincent Ellis into the world!

    Year 2: We decided we wanted to have our children close in age so we go ahead and try for another child. Unfortunately, we miscarry. It's an incredible hardship.

    Year 3: This year we decided to adopt a baby girl from Cambodia! We named her Angeline Grace Ellis. She is a little angel and blessing. The twins are now 2 years old!

    Year 4: This year Vince and I open a family-style restaurant called Ellis's. It has been very successful! I quit my job nursing so I can work full-time at the restaurant!

    Year 5: This year Vince and I wanted to focus on our restaurant, but we got pregnant! We welcomed another set of twins! Lucille Anne & Zachary Matthew Ellis. They look exactly like their father!

    Year 6: This year Vince got a new job as the CEO at his company! We couldn't be happier! I now work part-time at Ellis's.

    Year 7: This year Vince and I wanted to have a baby, as all of our friends started to welcome little ones! We got pregnant and had a little boy which we named Jacob Nicholas Ellis!

    Year 8: Our hands have been full with 6 kids! With the restaurant doing well, and Vince's new pay check we bought a brand new Suburban!

    Year 9: This year we decided to adopt a baby girl from China! We named her Felicity May Ellis. The restaurant continues to be a success and Vince is loving his new job!

    year 10: This year Vince and I got a BIG surprise! We had Quads! Three boys and a girl! We named them Kenneth Daniel, Oliver Mason, Andrew Wesley, and Adelaide Nicole Ellis. We couldn't be happier! I have decided to hire more employees at the restaurant and I am now a stay at home mom! With 11 kids!!

    Year 11: This year our family went on vacation in Mexico. We adopted B/G twins while we were there! We named them Rosalie Allison & Henry Ethan Ellis!

    Year 12: Vince and I decided we were done having kids, and 13 was enough! although we decided this, we adopted a baby girl from China. We named her Giselle Samantha Ellis. Now we are done! 14 is a good even number!

    Year 13: This year we decided to move from our now cramped 6 bedroom home to a spacious 10 bedroom home! It's a craftsman style home and we are loving it!!

    Year 14: This year was another shocker. We delivered another set of B/G twins, bringing our total to 16 children. We named them Penelope Rose & David Samuel Ellis.

    Year 15: This year Vince and I welcome identical twin boys! We name them Robert Timothy & Seth Isaac Ellis. We all lived Happily ever after with our 18 kids!

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    DH: Dylan Elias O'Brien
    DW: Jessica Holly Winters

    Striaght after marriage ~ 6. You're expecting a girl!
    Name: Caitlin Ruby O'Brien

    Year 1 ~ 1,1 You adopt a girl from China
    Name: Lucy Mei O'Brien

    Year 2 ~ 1,5 You adopt B/G twins from Mexico
    Names: Noah Javier O'Brien and Charlotte Adriana O'Brien

    Year 3 ~ 6,1 You have B/B twins.
    Names: Zachary Owen O'Brien and Damian Arthur O'Brien

    Year 4 ~ 5,4 You start a business w/ your sister. What is it?
    We run a bakery and cake shop.

    Year 5 ~ 6,3 You give birth to quads! Choose genders
    Names: Alanna Holly O'Brien, Leila Natalie O'Brien, Amelia Cerys O'Brien and Sadie Ophelia O'Brien

    Year 6 ~ 3,4 You move to a different house. What does it look like?

    Year 7 ~ 5,5 You buy a horse! What's it's name?
    Name: Eira (

    Year 8 ~ 6,4 You have a baby girl.
    Name: Lydia Rachel O'Brien

    Year 9 ~ 3,2 You adopt a dog. What's it's name?
    Name: Bear (

    Year 10 ~ 3,5 You adopt a cat. What's it's name?
    Name: Seraphina (

    Year 11 ~ 6,2 You have a baby boy.
    Name: Oliver Jacob O'Brien

    Year 12 ~ 3,1 You move to a different country. What country?
    We move to Wyoming, USA. New house:

    Year 13 ~ 4,6 You have multiples of your choice
    Names: Arya Mercy O'Brien, Tabitha Lily O'Brien, Freya Zoey O'Brien, Theo Dominic O'Brien and Aidan Connor O'Brien

    Year 14 ~ 2,4 Your DH gets a new job! What is he doing?
    He runs a publishing business from home

    Year 15 ~ 6,3 You give birth to quads! Choose genders
    Names: Jared Ryan O'Brien, Hailey Renata O'Brien, Felix Zephyr O'Brien and Griffin Maddox O'Brien

    Dylan and Jessica with their 21 children - Caitlin, Lucy, Noah, Charlotte, Zach, Damian, Alanna, Leila, Amelia, Sadie, Lydia, Oliver, Arya, Tabitha, Freya, Theo, Aidan, Jared, Hailey, Felix and Griffin - and their pets - Eira, Bear and Seraphina
    Vote for your favourites!!

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    I am Laura Paisley Mercer. I am married to my wonderful husband Logan Patrick. We dated for 3 years before getting married in Hawai'i. We honeymooned in Paris and came back to Red Mesa, Arizona, pregnant!

    1. Eight months later, I give birth to twin girls! The first one Isla Claire is 4 pounds 8 ounces. She is put on a ventilator and stays in the NICU until her and her sister's due date. Our second daughter, Leah Cadence, is just under 5 pounds at 4 pounds 14 ounces. Leah also stays in the NICU. Although her stay is a little shorter. She is there for about 2 weeks.

    2. After the twins turn 1, I am inspired to have a job in the NICU. I get my nursing degree and get hired at the hospital that they were born.

    3. Now the twins are 2, and are begging for a little brother or sister. Their dream comes true 2 months later when we find out we are pregnant with 3 babies! 2 boys and a girl! We name them Noah James, Holden Adam, and Sophia Delaney "Sophie".

    4. The next year, Logan and I decide to take a road trip and get away from all of the chaos of the kids. The twins are 3 and the triplets are 1. We travel to California and Nevada.

    5. We decide to adopt a boy puppy from the local animal shelter. (My excuse is to balance out our unevenness of boys and girls) I let the triplets name him. Together they came up with Toby.

    6. The twins are now 5 and the triplets are 3. I am wanting have little ones around the house again. We can't get pregnant on our own, and turn to IVF for help. The results of the IVF is becoming very very pregnant with quints!! 5 babies! 3 girls and 2 boys! The oldest is a boy. His name is Alexander Logan "Alec". He weighed a perfect 5 pounds and was 20 inches long. Alec came home after a week in the NICU. His younger brother and sisters weren't as lucky. The second and third born are girls. They are named Paisley Makenna & Piper Makenzy. Paisley weighed 3 pounds 7 ounces and was put in the NICU for 2 months. Piper weighed 3 pounds 12 ounces. She was also in the NICU for about 2 months. Baby "D" is the second boy. His name is Austin Wilder. He is 21 inches long and weighed 4 pounds 3 ounces. He stays in the NICU for a month. The youngest quint, is Preslee Makenly. She is 21 inches long, as well as her brother Austin, and weighs 4 pounds 1 ounce. The heaviest of the girls. However, she has a stay in the NICU for a month and a half.

    7. Because we now have 10 kids, Logan and I decide to start a baby clothing store. Our store, Mommy's Little Helper, sells maternity clothes, baby clothes, toddler clothes, strollers, car seats, high chairs, cribs, toys, and other baby needs.

    8. We decide to help a baby in need and adopt from Russia. We get set up with a teen mom who feels that she won't be able to support her twin boys if she keeps them. She sadly decides to put them up for adoption. On September 12, Logan and I fly to Russia to the adoption agency to pick up the babies and talk a little bit with the mother. She is glad that the boys will be welcomed with loving and open arms of many. She lets us pick the first names and she chooses the middle names so that she can have a role in their lives. They are named Owen Leo & Joel Brody.

    9. Our family is growing. Just a year after we bring the twins home, our first twins are 7, the triplets are 5, the quints are 2, and the second set of twins are 1, and we find out we are pregnant with B/G twins. We name them Emma Greer and Aiden Gus.

    10. We want to teach the kids about responsibility and care of much bigger things. We decide to get them a horse. It is a girl named Ally.

    11. I am pregnant with twins again! Twin boys! We name them Colton Brady and Collin Lucas. The twins are at a healthy weight and height and are able to come home within a week.

    12. Isla & Leah are 9, Noah, Holden & Sophie are 7, Alec, Paisley, Piper, Austin & Preslee are 4, Owen & Brody are 3, Emma & Aiden are 2, and Colton & Collin are 1. We are blessed with all girl triplets on December 25. They are all born completely healthy but stay in the NICU for a month. We name them with very spiritual and Christmasy names. They are named Trinity Noelle, Eve Destiny & Nevaeh Skye "Ava".

    13. After the triplets, we decide to adopt a boy from Ethiopia in Africa. We make his name completely American because of the possible teasing and pronunciation problems. His name is Nicholas Landon. We call him Nick.

    14. We want to have a few more babies, but we are now almost into our 40's. We figure we wouldn't be able to do this on our own, but we try anyway. With 2 miscarriages and 5 tries later, we turn to IVF. We have a success! It's quads! 2 boys, 2 girls! Summer Lilly is the oldest quad. She is also the smallest. She weighed 2 pounds 4 ounces. The babies were al born early because of her. If she would've stayed in my tummy for another week, she would have been born, but. We are grateful that she is here. The second born is a little boy. His name is Jackson Connor. He weighed 4 pounds 3 ounces and was 18 inches long. He was put in the NICU along with Summer and his other siblings. His stay was about a month and a half. Summer's was 2 and half months. The third born is a boy, too. His name is Zachary James. We call him Zach. He weighed 3 pounds 14 ounces. Zach was in the NICU for 2 months. Our youngest quadruplet, Tessa Chloe, was 3 pounds exactly. She was in the NICU for the same amount of time as Zach.

    15. For our last year of excitement, we decide to adopt again. This time, boy/girl twins from North Korea. Their names are also completely American because of the teasing and pronunciation issues. They are named Maci Willow and William Mason "Will". Our family is finally complete.

    The Mercer Family
    Laura & Logan
    Isla Claire & Leah Cadence (14)
    Noah James, Holden Adam & Sophia Delaney "Sophie" (12)
    Alexander Logan "Alec", Paisley Makenna, Piper Makenzy, Austin Wilder & Preslee Makenly (9)
    Owen Leo & Joel Brody (7)
    Emma Greer & Aiden Gus (6)
    Colton Brady & Collin Lucas (4)
    Trinity Noelle, Eve Destiny & Nevaeh Skye "Ava" (3)
    Nicholas Landon "Nick" (2)
    Summer Lilly, Jackson Connor, Zachary Jude, Tessa Chloe (1)
    Maci Willow & William Mason "Will" (NB)

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    Your Name: Chloe Marie (Anderson) Phillips
    DH Names: Jacob Lyle Phillips

    Year 1: 3,2 You adopt a dog. What's it's name?

    Year 2: 3,5 You adopt a cat. What's it's name?

    Year 3: 6,1 You have B/B twins
    Landon Scott & Shane Lawrence

    Year 4: You start a business with your DH. What is it?
    Photography Business

    Year 5: 5,6 You decide!
    Family Road Trip to visit family in California

    Year 6: 6,2 You have a baby boy.
    Cody James

    Year 7: 3,2 You adopt a dog. What's it's name?

    Year 8: 2,1 You get a new job! What are you doing?
    Dental Hygienist

    Year 9: 4,5 You have G/G/B triplets
    Madison Jean, Arabella Genevieve & Brady William

    Year 10: 2,1 You get a new job! What are you doing?

    Year 11: 5,6 You decide!
    Host Foreign Exchange student from Japan : Aimi Shinju

    Year 12: 6,5 You give birth to triplets! Choose genders
    Abigail Penelope, Jefferson Ian & Whitney Renee

    Year 13: 5,4 You start a business w/ your sister. What is it?

    Year 14: 1,3 You adopt a boy from Australia
    Oliver Robert

    Year 15: 1,4 You adopt B/B twins from Russia
    Alexey Maxim & Mikhail Sergei

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    DH: Benjamin Reid O'Connell
    DW: Erin Marie O'Connell

    Year 1- Have a girl, Rowan Julia "Annie"
    Year 2- Have G/G/B triplets- Margaret Jade "Maggie", Charlotte Jude "Lottie", Nicholas John "Cole"
    Year 3- DW accepts a position at a prestigious international University.
    Year 4- Move to Ireland.
    Year 5- Adopt an irish wolfhound named Cormac "Mac"
    Year 6- Adopt a 4 year old boy from Australia Everett James "Rett"
    Year 7- Have a girl, Eleanor Jane "Nora"
    Year 8- DH and you decide to open a children's museum
    Year 9- Adopt an infant girl from China, Felicity Jia Li "Lissy"
    Year 10- Adopt 6 year old B/G twins from Mexico, Eliana Jaime & Matteo Joaquin "Ellie & Mattie"
    Year 11- DH accepts a job as the head of the local museum bureau
    Year 12- DW & DH take a road trip visiting the Scottish countryside and the Castle in the Air in Edinburgh
    Year 13- You buy a horse named Mr. Dancing Bojangles "Bo"
    Year 14- You have twin boys, Declan Jonah and Braden Josiah
    Year 15- DW has her children's book published and the family moves to a big mansion on the Irish countryside with plenty of space for animals and all the children.

    Wow okay so Erin and Ben end up with the following children; daughters: Rowan "Annie", Margaret "Meg", Charlotte "Lottie", Eleanor "Nora", Felicity "Lissy", Eliana "Ellie"; and sons: Nicholas "Cole", Everett "Rett", Matteo "Mattie", Declan "Dex", Braden "Braid"

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