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    Classic/Traditional Girls Name to go with MN Elaine- Baby Due in 3 weeks!

    Our baby girl is due in 3 weeks- but is yet to have a name! We know the middle name is going to be Elaine (family name)
    We like more classic, traditional names.

    Some of our picks are

    Audrey Elaine
    Sarah Elaine (which I think sounds so pretty, but Sarah is so common, which is my only hesitation)
    Julia Elaine (but hubby doesn't love Julia)

    Other names that have been considered are Caroline and Violet

    But What are other suggestions?

    (Our other children are: Cassidy, Adam, James)
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    I love Audrey Elaine from your list.
    Violet Elaine would be the 2nd.

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    How about Emily or Rebecca ...those were my first thoughts..and I love Sarah!!who cares if there are lots I have never met a baby Sarah..and she would be YOUR Sarah

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    What about Miriam

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