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    Aurora. It has a great meaning, and just flows so nicely. It is very girly, sweet, and regal sounding, but it could be shortened to Rory for a more spunky alternative.

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    I have always loved Genevieve. Apparently its a "grandma name" but when I hear it I think "Princess".
    It doesn't have a lot of nicknames though.
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    Lucas. I've just always loved it - it's soft and sweet and strong and smart and I love saying it. No matter how popular it gets I'll always love it.
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    Penelope. I've loved it since I was six. It sounds so happy and beautiful to me, and I love the nickname possibilities (Poppy/Polly/Penny/Nell).

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    Juniper! I've loved it since i was 15 and i was lucky enough to use it for my daughter.
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