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    It's feminine but not "girly"
    Always loved names with a prominent "O" sound
    Beautiful flowers
    Linked to my name, Tara. I'm not Buddhist but I appreciate the beauty in other religions. Tara is a goddess who is always depicted with Lotus blossoms

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    Seraphine. Less frilly than Seraphina, is related to the highest rank of angels there is and makes me think of pretty things.
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    So hard to pick just one, but if I had to pick, it would be Luna

    I just love how sweet and cute it sounds. I also love the idea of the nickname "Little Luna" when she's a little girl. It also connects to my name, since Diana is considered the goddess of the moon/hunt and Luna means moon.

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    Rachel -- just love the meaning "little lamb"... also just a beautiful sound to the name and it makes me think of a pretty, intelligent and strong person..:-)

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    Felicity, Cecily, Kerensa, and Sofia - these seem to be the one's I always come back to. Felicity is forever off my list because of my angel baby, but it's still my favorite.

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