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    Family Surname.. Is it too different?

    My mothers maiden name is Bales and I think it is a great name for my first boy. I am due at the end of September. I have gotten good feedback from friends, but I don't know if they are just being nice. I wanna hear some honest feedback on the name Bales for a little boy. Thanks!!

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    At first I thought of bales of hay, at least that was the mental image. Then it was Christian Bale (well, that's a good mental image). But I pushed that aside and found that I really like the name. And since it's a family surname I think it's a great way to honor your side of the family. If you're still unsure you could always put Bales as a middle name and call him that most of the time. But you know what? I think it could work as a first. I find it a refreshing surname. Good luck!
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    I suppose not. Bale can be a variation of the name Basil and Ballas is a variation of Blaise, so Bales wouldn't be so far off. I like the idea of using maiden names for children, although I would normally use it as a middle name. I might worry about the potential jokes at Bales' expense ("bales of hay", "posting bail", etc.), though the same argument could be easily used against common names like Mark. What were you thinking for a middle name?

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    My first thought was hay bales, but I've heard worse. I would probably use it in the middle if it was me. I think it could make a nice middle name.

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    I was going to use classic name like Thomas Bales, or William Bales and just call him Bales. Thanks for the feedback

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