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    Names to reconsider...Merritt

    I met a delightful little girl (6 years old) about a month ago whose name was Merritt (a name that I would not normally consider; my style tends to be more classic w/ a vintage/retro twist- James, Fletcher, John, Helen, Audrey, Annie, Frances…). She was spunky, talkative, sweet, and polite; the type of personality I’d want my daughter to have if I’m ever blessed with a girl.

    Ever since meeting her, I cannot get the name Merritt out of my mind. I think I’m going to add it to my favorites list. Maybe it’s just a “name crush” that will pass…if I ever get to name a girl, I imagine I’d fall back on my classic favorites, but I’m wondering if anybody else has experienced something like this?

    Have you ever met a child who made you reconsider a name in a positive way (a name you once didn’t like/didn’t consider is made more likable)? If so, what was the name?

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    Mildred! I worked for a summer in a day care, and three-year-old Millie with long curly pigtails stole my heart. I would never use it myself, though.

    Merritt is a cute name, but I prefer Barrett or Marin, because of the demerit association.

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    Love Merritt but can't use it. We used to vacation on Merritt Island/Cocoa Beach

    While in college (about 6yrs ago) I worked at a daycare in a wealthy area. At the time I really disliked some of the names but the kids were so sweet. Now I see that these parents were ahead of the curve

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    I babysit the absolutely most gorgeous, intelligent, and amazing little 19-month-old named Eve Marie -swoon- haha. Seriously though, she is such a joy to be around, I would babysit free of charge or, if desperate for some baby-time, pay her parents to go out, haha (though I suppose I wouldn't actually tell them that ).

    Anyway, my grandma's middle names are Evelyn and Evangeline, both of which I love. My sister kind of has dibs on Evelyn as a first name for a girl if she ever has kids and with Evangeline I vacillate between thinking it's gorgeous and thinking it is overwrought. So when I met (perfect) little Eve, I realized I could use Eve to honor both grandmas and to sort of remember my favorite little one of all the kids I babysit. So, it has gone into my second favorite combo Matilda Eve

    With Merritt... it kind of sounds like the name of a racehorse, but I can understand why you have new-found love for it!
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    That happens to me quite often, actually, lol.

    I met a Sylvia today who totally changed my mind on her name, and last summer, it was Anneliese and Anna-Rose. I'm sure there are others, but I just can't think of them now...
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