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    Middle names for Gavin and Samuel

    My husband and I are torn between naming our possible second son Gavin or Samuel. We have no idea what would be good middle names for either one. We don't know if it is a boy for sure yet but we'd like to have a name ready just in case. He will have an older brother named Jude Matthew. Any suggestions? BTW my husband is very picky it took me forever to even get Samuel and Gavin out of him.

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    What about Gavin Samuel or Samuel Gavin? I think these both work well together.

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    Like pp I agree that you could use one as a MN. I think Samuel works best with Jude though as it is a timless classic and also biblical. So my suggestions are:
    Samuel Gavin
    Samuel James
    Samuel David
    Samuel Edward
    Samuel Paul
    Samuel George

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    I was also going to suggest Samuel Gavin. Gavin Samuel could work too, I just prefer Samuel to Gavin.

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