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    Dec 2012
    Dectuplets, 5 boys & 5 girls

    Maeve Coralia, a tomboy
    Greer Waverly, an "angel" child
    Audrey Marina, involved in everything
    Tatiana Arista, gets straight a's (Tati)
    Julietta Sybil, a "wild child" (I call her Etta, dad calls her Jules)

    August Sebastian, a "wild child" (Auggie)
    Logan Phineas, a bit of a slacker
    Colton Atticus, video game nerd (Colt)
    Magnus Jude, a bit of a slacker
    Adrian Silas, a break-dancer
    Hannah, 17. Teenberry, story writer, story reader, Slytherin, human rights activist, and name nerd since 10.

    Current Fictional Character: Deveraux Culpepper

    (> <)
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    Sep 2012
    New Hampshire
    Gabriella Melody – A bit lazy
    Elodie Ariel – An “angel” child
    Julietta Pearl – A baby name addict
    Max Holden – Incredibly smart
    Owen Jasper – Quiet and Shy

    Gabby, Ellie, Julie, Max and Owen

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    Dec 2012
    G- Amelia Pearl- Loves ballet
    B- Alex Cody- Class Clown
    B- Dillon Sebastian- Does every sport immaginable
    G- Emma Lorelie- Gets straight A's
    G- Isabella Molly- Involved in everything
    B- Griffin Edward- Quiet and Shy
    B- Theo Jasper- A "Wild Child"
    G- Libby Marina- Gets straight A's
    G- Violet June- A tomboy

    Mia, Alex, Dillon, Emma, Izzy, Finn, Theo, Libby and Violet
    Name lover from England
    No babies yet, just lists!

    Girls: Isabel Beatrice, Rosy Elizabeth, Esme Violet, Marnie Jane, Imogen, Hannah, Zoe
    Boys: ????

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    Apr 2013
    3 boys & 2 girls

    DS: August Wolf, Wild child
    DD: Liliana Venus, Involved in everything
    DS: Dallas Sebastian, A bit of a slacker
    DS: Maxwell Jude, Incredibly smart
    DD: Harlow Waverly, A tomboy

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    Oct 2012
    planet earth
    Quints- gggbb

    Harlow Pearl - a name addict
    Finley Marina - loves ballet
    Eliana June - a bit lazy
    Darian Holden - a bit of a slacker
    Killian Sawyer - the class clown

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