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    Jun 2010
    adrian silas--the shy & quiet one
    ella june--the ballerina
    lily pearl--the lazy one
    violet marina--get's straight a's
    lola melody--the tomboy
    august holden--the wild child
    carson jasper--the genius
    bowie tristan--the class clown

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    Francesca Pearl -- an 'angel' child
    Emmeline June -- loves ballet
    Greta Dominique -- a tomboy
    Damon Atticus -- class clown
    Maxwell Jude -- video game nerd
    Cecily Beatrice -- a tomboy
    Violet Sabrina -- a 'wild' child
    August Sawyer -- a bit of a slacker
    Owen Darcy -- quiet and shy
    Theo Jasper -- incredibly smart

    Francesca, Emmeline, Greta, Damon, Maxwell, Cecily, Violet, August, Owen, and Theo.

    Audrey | Nora | Louisa | Estelle | Freya | Bronte | Edith | Imogen | Phoebe
    Lincoln | Jude | Ezra | Silas | Miles | Elias | Roman

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    Vancouver, Canada
    DD/DS/DD/DS: Anastasia Lola "Stacy"/Mason Jasper/Camilla Beatrice/Owen Sebastian

    Mason is the class clown.
    Stacy is the good one.
    Owen is quiet and shy.
    Camilla loves ballet.

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    Lethbridge, Alberta
    4 boys, 3 girls

    Baby A: Sawyer Milo; video game nerd
    Baby B: Amelia Waverly; an “angel” child
    Baby C: Magnus Valentino; quiet and shy
    Baby D: Violet Beatrice; loves ballet
    Baby E: Emmeline Molly; name addict
    Baby F: Sam Atticus; incredibly smart
    Baby G: August Sebastian; a “wild child”

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    Roll dice to find your multiples:
    5. Septuplets

    Ivy Diana - loves ballet
    Camilla June - an "Angel" child
    Poppy Avalon - involved in everything
    Logan Magnus - quiet and shy
    Carter Phineas - a bit of a slacker
    Hunter Rufus - class clown
    Leila Pearl - tomboy
    just a name nerd with lots of plans.
    Childhood cancer has names too. Never forget Ronan, Talia, Ty, and all the other children suffering

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