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    Literary Extended Dice CAF: Bridge to Terabithia

    - If you want to add more siblings or a spouse to the original family/families, feel free.
    - Choose a partner/spouse for each child in the family using the namebanks (or pair them with another character).
    - Then, roll the dice to determine the number of children they have, and name them using the namebanks.
    - How many generations you choose to do is up to you

    6-sided Dice: Roll once for # of children
    - Roll again for each child to determine gender: Even - girl; Odd - boy


    DH: Jesse Oliver Aarons
    DW: Mary Aarons
    DD: Ellie Aarons
    DD: Brenda Aarons
    DS: Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jr.
    DD: May Belle Aarons
    DD: Joyce Ann Aarons

    Female Namebank: Mary, Linda, Margaret, June, Sandra, Patricia, Joan, Carol, April, Janice, Martha, Laura, Ruby, Lisa, Jane, Sharon, Rebecca, Lucy, Michelle, Helen, Lily, Chloe, Charlotte, Olivia, Doris, Megan, Molly, Evelyn, Julia, Lauren, Samantha, Pamela, Audrey, Phyllis, Stephanie, Sheila, Nicole, Connie, Rita, Eva, Gloria, Peggy, Deborah, Diana, Hazel, Eleanor, Cindy, Doreen, Elsie, Jeanne, Carolyn, Wendy, Cheryl, Leslie

    Male Namebank: Patrick, Ben, Samuel, Arthur, Christopher, Donald, Albert, Eric, Ryan, Jason, Sam, Anthony, Raymond, Gary, Jake, Alan, Alex, Luke, Charlie, Steven, Harold, Dennis, Walter, Nathan, Scott, Oscar, Roger, Jordan, Joel, Louis, Jeremy, Victor, Martin, Sean, Wayne, Kyle, Ray, Douglas, Dylan, Carl, Alexander, Caleb, Gerald, Noah, Ernest, Owen, Tommy, Max, Tyler, Aaron, Oliver, Liam, Gordon, Paul, Edward, Andrew
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    DH: Jesse Oliver Aarons
    DW: Mary Aarons
    DD: Ellie Aarons
    DD: Brenda Aarons
    DS: Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jr.
    DD: May Belle Aarons
    DD: Joyce Ann Aarons
    DW: Ellie Turner nee Aarons
    DH: Kyle Anthony Turner
    DS: Ryan Anthony Turner
    DD: Stephanie June Turner
    DD: Rebecca Mary Turner
    DD: Laura Carolyn Turner
    DW: Brenda Harvey nee Aarons
    DH: Scott Alexander Harvey
    DS: Tommy Nathan Harvey
    DD: Wendy Carolyn Harvey
    DD: Cindy Pamela Harvey
    DS: Jeremy Luke Harvey
    DD: Molly Sharon Harvey
    DH: Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jr.
    DW: Samantha Michelle Aarons
    DS: Jesse Oliver Aarons, III
    DS: Samuel Martin Aarons
    DD: Leslie Mary Aarons
    DD: Patricia Jane Aarons
    DD: Julia Evelyn Aarons
    DD: Audrey Phyllis Aarons
    DW: May Belle Omry nee Aarons
    DH: Patrick Christopher Omry
    DD: Lauren Nicole Omry
    DD: Chloe Megan Omry
    DS: Charlotte Diana Omry
    DW: Joyce Ann Adair nee Aarons
    DH: Owen Samuel Adair
    DS: Luke Owen Adair
    DD: Ruby Joyce Adair
    savannah mary
    auntie of journey & oaklyn

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    DH: Jesse Oliver Aarons
    DW: Mary Aarons

    DD: Ellie Walker [Aarons]
    - DH: Edward Walker
    -- DS: Caleb Patrick Walker
    -- DS: Samuel Ryan Walker
    -- DS: Nathan Paul Walker
    -- DD: Rebecca Evelyn Walker
    -- DS: Steven Arthur Walker
    -- DD: Charlotte Nicole Walker

    DD: Brenda Henderson [Aarons]
    - DH: Anthony Henderson
    -- DS: Tyler Jeremy Henderson
    -- DS: Andrew Noah Henderson
    -- DS: Dylan Victor Henderson
    -- DS: Eric Scott Henderson
    -- DD: Samantha Molly Henderson

    DS: Jesse Oliver Aarons Jr.
    - DW: Laura Aarons [Farmer]
    -- DS: Oscar Jordan Aarons
    -- DS: Alexander Sean Aarons
    -- DS: Joel Raymond Aarons
    -- DS: Louis Sean Aarons

    DD: May Belle Kimberlin [Aarons]
    - DH: Gerald Kimberlin
    -- DS: Owen Jason Kimberlin

    DD: Joyce Ann Snell [Aarons]
    - DH: Roger Snell
    -- DD: Olivia Carolyn Snell
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    DH: Jesse Oliver Aarons
    DW: Mary Aarons
    DD: Ellie Aarons
    DD: Brenda Aarons
    DS: Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jr.
    DD: May Belle Aarons
    DD: Joyce Ann Aarons


    DW: Ellie (Aarons) Adler
    DH: Patrick Andrew Adler

    DS: Benjamin Edward
    DD: Mary Cheryl
    DD: Linda Wendy


    DW: Brenda (Aarons) Harris
    DH: Arthur Paul Harris

    DS: Samuel Gordon
    DD: Carolyn Margaret
    DS: Arthur Liam
    DD: June Elsie
    DS: Christopher Oliver
    DS: Albert Aaron


    DH: Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jr.
    DW: Sandra Jeanne (Tomlin) Aarons

    DS: Eric Tyler
    DD: Patricia Leslie
    DS: Ryan Max
    DS: Jason Tommy
    DS: Anthony Owen


    DW: May Belle (Aarons) Saunders
    DH: Raymond Ernest Saunders

    DD: Gloria Martha
    DS: Noah Gary
    DS: Jake Gerald


    DW: Joyce Ann (Aarons) Gibbs
    DH: Victor Jeremy Gibbs

    DD: April Diana
    DS: Alan Caleb
    DD: Janice Eleanor
    DS: Alexander Luke
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    DH: Jesse Oliver Aarons
    DW: Mary Aarons

    DD: Ellie Mae Buckland (MN: Aarons)
    DH: Tommy Samuel Buckland
    DD: Lily Rebecca Buckland
    DS: Max Oscar Buckland
    DS: Noah Edward Buckland

    DD: Brenda Sue Wertheimer (MN: Aarons)
    DH: Kyle Gerald Wertheimer
    DD: Wendy Eva Wertheimer
    DD: Rita Nicole Wertheimer

    DS: Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jr.
    DW: Gloria Jeanne Aarons
    DS: Jesse Oliver Aarons III

    DD: May Belle Jost (MN: Aarons)
    DH: Louis Raymond Jost
    DD: Connie Olivia Jost
    DD/DD: April Sharon Jost/Jane Molly Jost
    DD: Ruby Eleanor Jost
    DS: Wayne Patrick Jost

    DD: Joyce Ann Stockton (MN: Aarons)
    DH: Gordon Carl Stockton
    DS: Sam Walter Stockton
    DD: Deborah Michelle Stockton
    DS: Owen Ray Stockton

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