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    Septuplets- 5 girls, 2 boys.

    Audrey Marina- the angel child
    Bella Waverly- gets straight A's
    Ava Beatrice- the wild child
    Maeve Ariel- involved in everything
    Stella Molly- the other angel child
    Carson Jude- incredibly smart
    West Holden- class clown
    I'm Erin, a teenaged writer who loves names (and dessert).

    Girls names of the moment: Delaney | Eleanor | Georgia | Kate | Lucy
    Boys names of the moment: Felix | Harry | Liam | Theo | Tobias

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    the scotland in my dreams.
    Roll dice to find your multiples:
    7. Nontuplets

    Roll for genders(each child)
    Even is Boy
    Odd is Girl

    Boy -- Magnus Milo (sporty)
    Girl -- Tallulah Coralia (lazy)
    Boy -- Rhys Tristram (clownish)
    Girl -- Raffaela Pearl (tomboy)
    Girl -- Amelie Marina (angelic)
    Boy -- Dashiell Gulliver (smart)
    Boy -- Adrian Jarvis (shy)
    Girl -- Francesca Dominique (straight A's)
    Boy -- West Sebastian (wild child)
    "Nothing ever fatigues me, but doing what I do not like."

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    1. Julietta Pearl, A "wild child"
    2. August Rhett (Gus), Class clown
    3. Archer Riley (Archie), Does every sport imaginable
    4. Violet Alana, A bit lazy
    5. Harlow Madison, Gets straight A's
    6. Greer Coralia, An "angel" child
    7. Truman Phineas (Tru), a "wild child"
    8. Elodie Ariel, Involved in everything
    9. Griffin Milo, Incredibly smart
    10. Tatiana Melody, A baby name addict like mom

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    3 girls, 2 boys

    1. Greer Lorelie, an "angel" child
    2. Emery Diana, a tomboy
    3. Archer Rhett, incredibly smart
    4. Declan Jude, class clown
    5. Stella Pearl, involved in everything

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    Can't wait to leave, Oklahoma
    Ellery Alana-"Wild Child"
    Allegra Pearl-involved in everything
    Gareth Chance-slacker
    Owen Praxis-videogame nerd
    Camilla Avalon-"angel" child
    Arabella Lola-tomboy
    Mallory Arista-baby name addict
    Stella Oceane-tomboy
    Theo Sebastian-class clown
    Foster Aramis-breakdancer
    Catherine, an actress, dancer, singer, brainiac with a guilty pleasure of names.
    Current favorites: Lilliana Joy, Marley Sophia, Isabella Diane, Gabrielle Jolie, Charlotte Amelia, Callista Berlin, Hope Adrienne, Isis Amelie, Austen Elisabeth, Jetta Blue; Wesley Owen, Benson Chase, Matthew Keaton, Brandon Kyle, Carson Gabriel, Elias Marshall, Anderson Cade, Xander Hale, Josiah Henry, Spencer Steven

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