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    I prefer Holly, Lily and just Ivy, however, a friend has a little girl name Ivee, which is another option. If it were me though, I'd just go with the original spelling to save a lot of trouble in the future of needing to spell I-V-I-E for everyone.

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    I don't consider any of those -ie spellings legitimate, though "legitimate" is hard to define. If a child spelled "Hollie" or "Lillie" or "Ivey" on a spelling test instead of "ivy," "lily," and "holly," they'd fail. That just isn't how those words are spelled. I think changing the spellings when they're used as names just makes things confusing for everyone.

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    Not in my opinion.

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    Ivey is definitely legitimate. There is a university near me that uses this name for one of their business programs - though it is named after Richard Ivey so it is a last name.

    I like it!

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    Ivie defineily not - Ivey as a surname, yes, but I would keep it Ivy.

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