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    Fitting Keith or Peter in?

    We're still not certain on a boys name!
    I like Silas Alistair
    He likes Arlo Alistair.

    Alistair is an important part of the name, honouring family.

    But I also want to honour the other side of the family and fit Keith or Peter, or a variation of Keith into it. (keith Peter both belonging to the same person we'd honour)

    BUT.. is it weird to give only one of your children two middle names? This will be our third, and our two have pretty 'to the point' middle names, both are honouring family members also. This is most likely our last child, so I keep thinking I want to fit all the important people in lol, and all we are missing is Keith/Peter, but I dislike the name by itself and I don't think it's even middle name worthy

    What do you think about
    Silas Peter Alistair?
    Arlo Peter Alistair?

    Silas Keith/ Keifer/ Leith even.. or is that going to far from the original

    Other children are
    Mason Brett
    Harper Maree

    Just doesn't fit, huh?

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    I absolutely love Silas Alistair! Peter was my favorite boys' name, once upon a time, and I still quite love it as a MN. I think Silas Alistair Peter (or even Silas Peter Alistair!) would be really handsome, and as long as you don't have OCD as bad as I do, lol, I think it's fine. I had a friend a couple years ago who had seven children--Helena Misheal, Benjamin Aidan Jacques, Copeland Micah, Catherine Elizabeth, Zachariah Lucas, Ariana Abigail June, Daniel Zane Patrick, and Ashley Miriam Grace. She had realized after she'd had her first three children that there was a lot of family she still wanted to honor, and after joining a name forum, she really liked the idea of two MNs. Her oldest daughter, Helena, had a few problems with it initially, but once she got to share a middle initial with Ashley, she didn't care quite so much. If it's your last child, I think it'd be nice to honor both sides of your family, as you'll likely not get a chance to do it again. If you're really worried about it, maybe you could combine the two names somehow? Alistair is a version of Alexander, so possibly you could do Alexter? Or maybe use the spelling Alister, which combines the beginning of Alistair and the ending of Peter?

    Good luck!
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    I like Silas Alistair too. Very handsome. I think if you were willing to move Alistair to the first spot, you could do Alistair Keith, which sounds pretty cool.

    Otherwise, I think it's fine to have one with 2 middles and 2 without. I don't think the kids will care nearly as much as you and your husband will. In which case, I think Silas Alistair Keith is your best bet because I don't think Peter goes with the other 2 names.

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