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    I live to be 90 years old and died of cancer. Mu husband died a year later of a heart attack.
    Future Mother of:
    Lincoln Reed
    Blair Ivy
    Henry August

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    My name is Lana Patrice Finbow. My birthday is April 9th. I grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, as an only child. My mother passed away just after I was born (my middle name is her first name), so I lived with my father, Raymond Oliver Finbow "Ray" for my whole childhood, in a beautiful suburban just on the outskirts of town.
    From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer. I also knew I had to work hard to achieve my dream. I was valedictorian of my class in high school, and attended Colby-Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire, graduating with a master's degree in Legal Studies.

    My future husband, Benjamin Anthony Pratt "Ben", was born on September 10th. He grew up in Richmond, Virginia. His mother, Margie Evelyn Pratt, was left to care for him and his four older siblings - Whitney Chevelle Pratt, Kimberly Maria Pratt "Kim", Sara Lindsey Pratt, and Andrew Adam Pratt "Drew" - when his father suddenly ran off with another woman. His childhood home was also a modest suburban, right in the heart of the town. After I graduated college, I moved to Richmond as well, coincidentally just minutes away from this house.

    Ben lived in his home with his mother until he went off to college in Oxford, Ohio at Miami University. There, he obtained a degree in English and became a professor after moving back to Virginia.

    I met Ben through a mutual friend, Marissa Faye Majors, at her wedding. Marissa was my best friend during childhood, and Ben just so happened to be a co-worker of hers. We were seated at the same table during the reception, so naturally we got to know each other throughout the night. He even brought me out on the dance floor for a few numbers, naming me his "honorary date" for the wedding. After the party was over, we wanted to keep in touch so we exchanged numbers. He called two days later, and we went on our first date - a classic "dinner and a movie" outing - that weekend.

    Ben and I dated for three years before he proposed. Since our first date, we had become regulars at our local movie theatre, going to see a new show almost every week. One Saturday night, we arrived early for the movie, so the pre-show ads were still playing. Suddenly, an ad that simply said "Lana, will you marry me?" appeared on the screen. When I looked to Ben, he was already one one knee beside me, ring in hand. Of course, I accepted, and the entire theatre erupted with applause.

    We spent a year planning our wedding, which was on a warm June afternoon. Both the ceremony and reception were held at a nearby luxury hotel. I recruited all of Ben's sisters and a few of my friends and we made all of the decorations and favors ourselves, making for a gorgeous garden-themed wedding. After we said our vows and partied the night away, we jetted off for a fabulous two-week honeymoon in the Bahamas!

    Five months after we got married, Ben and I bought a home together. It was a gorgeous high-end luxury home located back where I grew up, in Charlottesville.

    We were content living on our own for a while, but seven months later, on our first wedding anniversary, we decided that it was time to start a family together. We worked fast, and got pregnant not even two months after making our decision. Nine months later on May 12th, our son, Lucas Benjamin Pratt "Luke", was born. He is a charismatic, hilarious little boy with his father's gorgeous blue eyes and my light brown hair.

    After having Luke, Ben and I decided to wait a while before expanding our family again. When he had just turned six years old, Luke started to ask for a baby brother or sister, and we figured it was time to try for another baby. Once again, we were pregnant within a few months, and on March 1st, we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Katrina Margie Pratt "Kitty" (her middle name is in honor of Ben's mother). She was a sweet, quiet baby with her father's eyes and blonde hair from my dad.

    Time flew right before our eyes, and before we knew it our kids were all grown up! Lucas attended The College of William and Mary, and is now a lawyer, just like me. He met his wife Samantha Lynn Coady-Pratt "Sam" while they were both in law school, and they now live in Lynchburg not too far from Ben and I. Luke and Sam also have three amazing children together - Brielle Victoria Pratt "Bri", Kian Michael Pratt, and Madelyn Rose Pratt "Maddy".

    Our daughter Katrina now has her own family as well. She didn't attend college, but is a successful photographer now living in New York City. She met her husband, journalist Nikolai Stephen Petrov "Niko", at one of her art gallery exhibitions. Together, they have two beautiful daughters named Fiona Grace Petrov, and Alexis Evanna Petrov "Lexi".

    Many years passed by, and at the age of 68, Ben passed away after a long battle with cancer. I lived until the ripe old age of 85, when I died peacefully in my sleep. After both Ben and I were gone, Kitty and Niko took their daughters back to Virginia and moved into our old house, to be closer to the rest of our family.

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    You live to the ripe age of...
    6. 90
    Your husband lives to be 89.

    How do you meet your end? (your choice)
    Natural Causes.

    How does your husband meet his end? (your choice)
    Pancreatic Cancer.

    What happens to your kids & grandkids? (your choice)
    They go on and have grandkids. We end up having twenty three great-grandkids.

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    I, Delaney Nichole Thomas, die at the age of 85 from a heart attack. My husband, Garrett Sawyer Thomas, dies at the age of 90 in his sleep. We leave behind our four kids, Linden, Sienna, Ashby, and Rowan. Nine grandchildren, Jocelyn, Juliette, Hunter, Aria, Dash, Alexis, Ryder, Finn, Mack. Four step-grandchildren, Mikayla, Cheyenne, Brayden, Landon, and Tristan Two great granddaughters Emmy and Katie Belle.

    Linden and Kaylee stay married. At 15, Jocelyn got pregnant by her boyfriend Anthony Lincoln Kelley. They named their daughter Emerson Nelle Zelda Austen Kelley or Emmy for short. Juliette became a teen model and travels the world.

    Sienna and Elliott stay married. Aria loves to play the viola and dreams for becoming a doctor.

    Ashby and Noelle to stay married. Hunter gets a girl pregnant named Annalise Samantha McClure. She name their daughter Katie Belle McClure. Alexis wants to follow her cousin's footstep and become a model, but her mother will not let that happen. Ryder is your typical teenage boy.

    Rowan and Janelle do not stay together. Rowan marries Carly Giselle Parks. Carly had four children, Mikayla Elisa, Cheyenne Sofia, Landon Nathan, and Tristan David Parks. Dash, Finn, and Mack live with their mother. Rowan and Carly move to my Aunt Jen and Uncle Mike's house and live off the farm.

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    Who goes first, you or your husband? Roll the dice
    Odd #: he does

    You live to the ripe age of...
    3. 75
    Your husband lives to be 74.

    How do you meet your end? Heart attack

    How does your husband meet his end? Stroke

    What happens to your kids & grandkids?

    Get creative!

    Jeremy dies of a stroke at the age of 74 and, three years later, I die of a heart attack at age 75. Our estate is divided equally among our four sons and their families. To be closer to the rest of the family on the East Coast, Soren and his family leave Malibu and move to Long Island. Everyone does just fine. Another book I wrote was turned into a movie not long after I passed away, directed by Soren as well as co-produced by Alaric, Hunter, and Talon, and he dedicated the movie to Jeremy and I. My eldest granddaughter, Nerissa, follows in my footsteps and becomes an author.

    THE END no pun intended

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