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    I die first, at 90 in my sleep. Just three months before,
    I saw our last grandchildren (& only granddaughters),
    Rosalind & Musidora, turn 19. Mack dies 2 years after
    me of cancer.

    One of our 13 grandchildren, Gideon, is going to
    make one of his grandfather's bestsellers into
    a movie, in memory of him. Our money is split
    equally among our 6 sons. However, the houses
    are in our youngest son, Clyde's (age 48) name,
    because we assume he'll live the longest, &
    therefore we won't have to worry about them
    fighting over the houses when a brother dies.
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    Evan dies first at the age of 75 he had a heart attack while he was fishing with Beckett and Jackson. I live to be 90 and die in my sleep.

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    Who goes first, you or your husband? Roll the dice

    Even #: you do

    You live to be 80
    Your husband lives to be 86

    How do you meet your end? Peacefully?

    How does your husband meet his end? Also Peacefully

    What happens to your kids & grandkids?

    Aaron and his wife Anne get divorced when Aaron discovers she has been cheating on him, and she gets pregnant with the other man's baby. The kids are 15, 11, and 9 when this happens. They get split custody. Anne has a daughter named Henrietta Rose. Anne gets married to Henri's father and they stay together. Aaron re-marries 3 years later to a woman named Naomi Brooks and they live happily ever after-- the kids love her too!

    The grandkid's half-sister Henri:

    Henry: Henry and his wife Samantha remain happily married. When the kids leave the nest they open a bookstore and are very successful! They wind up becoming very rich and owning a mansion in Boston!

    Timmy: When timmy is 40 and Julia is 40 they become pregnant! Amelia is 19, Kelsey is 18, and Taylor is 8 when they welcome their twin boys Roger Timothy & Joseph Gregory!

    Roger & Joey:

    Speaking of babies, Amelia got pregnant at the age of 17. The father, Robert Vincent, sticks with her and they get married when they are both 18. They have a baby girl named Caroline Julia Vincent. Her parents are surprisingly supportive and when they graduated and are married Timmy & Julia lend them some money to buy a small 3 bedroom apartment.


    Amelia is planning on opening a children's clothing store and Robby is going to college to become a physical therapist.
    Kelsey is attending Emerson college in Boston to become an elementary school teacher
    Taylor is 8 and a soccer star!

    Fun game!!

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    Who goes first, you or your husband? Roll the dice
    Even #: you do

    You live to the ripe age of...
    4. 80
    Your husband lives to be 81.

    How do you meet your end? Heart attack

    How does your husband meet his end? dies in his sleep

    What happens to your kids & grandkids? The estate is divided between our three kids and our eldest granddaughter, Brooklyn, moves into our old house with her fiancee.

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    DH: [71] Calum Thomas Beaumont
    DW: [70, deceased] Ruby Anastasia Beaumont (née Northman)

    DS: [45] Julian Edward Beaumont
    DD: [43] Sophia Ruth Beaumont
    DS: [40] Arthur Henry Beaumont
    DD: [37] Daphne Matilda Beaumont

    Sadly, Ruby passed away at the age of 70. Calum sold the house and moved in with Julian and his family who still live in Philadelphia. Sophia and her boyfriend and 10 year old son moved to Boston while her eldest son, Jasper, has moved away for college and Dominic lives with his father in New Orleans. Arthur and his girlfriend are yet to tie the knot, even after three kids and almost twenty years together. They live in Pittsburgh, not far from Daphne and her family.

    Julian and his family:
    DS: [45] Julian Edward Beaumont
    -- DW: [39] Olivia Margaret Beaumont
    - DS: [11] Noah Samuel Beaumont

    Sophia and her family:
    DD: [43] Sophia Ruth Beaumont
    -- ex: [44] William Thomas Conroy
    - DS: [19] Jasper William Conroy
    - DS: [17] Dominic Asher Conroy
    -- BF: [42] Philip Nicholas Keating
    - DS: [10] Alexander James Keating

    Arthur and his family:
    DS: [40] Arthur Henry Beaumont
    -- GF: [38] Elizabeth Rosalie White
    - DD: [15] Louisa June Beaumont
    - DS: [13] Hamish Isaac Beaumont
    - DS: [11] Oliver Samson Beaumont

    Daphne and her family:
    DD: [37] Daphne Matilda O'Leary (née Beaumont)
    -- DH: [37] Jacob Nathaniel O'Leary
    - DD: [16] Fiona Katherine O'Leary
    - DS: [12] Simon Vincent O'Leary
    - DD: [9] Evelyn Grace O'Leary

    Audrey | Nora | Louisa | Estelle | Freya | Bronte | Edith | Imogen | Phoebe
    Lincoln | Jude | Ezra | Silas | Miles | Elias | Roman

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