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    Who goes first, you or your husband? Roll the dice
    Odd #: he does

    You live to the ripe age of...
    6. 90
    Your husband lives to be 89.

    How do you meet your end? Die in my sleep

    How does your husband meet his end? Heart attack

    What happens to your kids & grandkids? Phoebe and her husband move into our old house. The money in the estate is divided equally among our five daughters and their families.

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    Who goes first, you or your husband? Roll the dice
    Odd #: he does

    You live to the ripe age of...
    1. 65
    Your husband lives to be 60.

    How do you meet your end? Kidney failure

    How does your husband meet his end? Cancer

    What happens to your kids & grandkids? The estate is divided equally among our three children and their families. Holden and Elle move out of their apartment in NYC and move into the house Clayton and I owned in Boston.

    Get creative!

    THE END no pun intended

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    Part 1- My name is Pierce Alexandra Chancellor. I was born on April 27, 1989 in Charlottesville, Virginia to Jessica Elaine Chancellor (née Holling) & Wesley Matthew Chancellor. My father died at war a week after I was born, so I never met him, but my older brother and my mother always tell stories about him and show me pictures. After my father died, my mother became a widow and raised us two children, me and my brother Kaidan (Ky-den) Wesley Chancellor who is three years older than me. We moved to this house when I was eight and Kaidan was eleven: I graduated high school in 2007 and then went on to college at King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, my father's and my brother's alma mater. I majored in criminal justice because of my interest in it ever since I watched Veronica Mars with my mom on Netflix and researched it after my grandfather told me tons of stories about his time in the FBI. I plan to go to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, only two hours away from home, to train to become an FBI agent.

    Part 2- It took me roughly four and a half years to graduate at King's College because I attended extra classes after the rest of my class graduated. I moved back home for a few months before I was twenty-three, old enough to train at the FBI Academy. During the twenty-week training I noticed a familiar face, Cassidy Owen Lockwood, a man who was a student at my high school a year above me. We became great friends and shared an apartment after graduating at the academy while we were assigned to the FBI field office in Richmond, VA. One night, Cassidy met up with one of his buddies from college and brought me along to meet Dane Johnathan Hols. Dane was studying at the University of Richmond's School of Law after majoring in pre-law at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. That night Dane asked me for my number and the weekend after we went on our first date. We went to a local shooting range because he knew I was working for the FBI and because his father used to bring him shooting all the time. We had lunch, too. Cassidy was okay with us dating, and I knew because I ran it by him only eight million times. Dane and I ended up getting serious and during our dating period I learned that he was born on December 9, 1989 in Syracuse, NY, also the city in which he grew up. Unlike me, he had and has both his parents Lilian Maryellen Hols (née Marlins) and Emmett Kyle Hols, and also unlike me, he is an only child. He grew up in this house: Dane attended law school for four years before we moved in together in Richmond. Cassidy's girlfriend Isla was secretly ecstatic that we were moving in together, for she didn't listen to Cassidy when he said that I had a boyfriend and that mine and Cassidy's relationship was strictly platonic. Now that I think about it, it is weird that we lived together for three years and were so normal with each other.

    Part 3- Dane and I dated for three years during the time he was at law school and after that lived together in an apartment for five months. At that time, we were thirty. Dane recreated our first date when we went to the shooting range, but instead he brought me to a fancier restaurant to propose! I knew my answer immediately. My twenties were over and I loved Dane; I said yes. I didn't want a big extravaganza, and neither did Dane, so we planned a small wedding in Richmond, the place that became our home, at the house my mother was now living in after she moved. A year later, the wedding was simple and in the back yard, filled with our family and friends. Dane's best man was Cassidy, and my maid of honor was my sister-in-law Alice--Kaidan's wife. We had our closest cousins as our bridesmaids and groomsmen. Kaidan's little girl, Dianna, was the flower girl, and Dane's cousin's boy Willie was the ring bearer. The dress, ring, wedding, and hoopla didn't matter to me; all that mattered was Dane, and me becoming Pierce Alexandra Hols. For our honeymoon, we went to London, England, were Dane knew I had wanted to go for forever. After a few months of house-hunting, we found a nice house in Richmond to that was perfect: We were both in the city we loved and near our jobs--mine at the FBI field office and his at his cousin's law firm. Dane and I only waited four months before we wanted to start to have children.

    Part 4- Our first child was a boy, Dane Johnathan Hols Jr., after his amazing father. His hair is dirty, dark blond, just like his father, but he has my brown eyes. Three years later, our girl Emerson Kate Hols was born, with sandy blond hair and blue eyes like her father. This left me as the only brunette in the family. The kids remind me of Kaidan and I because we were three years apart too. Dane was super-athletic at a young age, bouncing around from sport to sport, but eventually zeroing in on hockey. All he could talk about was his favorite teams and players and the standings of the season. Hockey always makes me nervous because of the roughhousing, but I knew that was just my motherly instinct. Emerson is called Em by most of her close friends, which she only has a few because she is so independent. And because books are definitely her number one friend. She continuously talks about the books she's reading and gee, can she talk! But I can't blame her because that's how I was when I was younger. It's crazy to think how far I've come with Dane.

    Part 5- Ah, I can't believe our little Dane and Em are all grown up!
    ~Dane graduated college at Syracuse University, in the town his father grew up in. He majored in accounting at the Joseph I. Lubin School of Accounting. There he met his girlfriend Abigail Celeste Markham and after they graduated, they moved in together in Syracuse. Dane went on to play for the Syracuse Crunch until he was thirty, which was when he proposed to Abby and they wed. Abby (now Abigail Celeste Hols) was a loan officer with her accounting degree, and Dane finally put his to good use, becoming an underwriter at an insurance industry. Two years after they married they had a boy, Liam Carlisle Hols. Liam has dark brown hair like his grandmother, the happy medium between his father's dirty blond and his mother's black. His eyes are hazel. Dane and Abby decided to try again seven whole years later, and they had twin girls! Their names are Chloe Isabelle and Erin Rosalie, and they have light brown-blond hair with green eyes.
    ~Em decided to go to her mother's alma mater, King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, majoring in English professional writing. As a twenty-two year old, she published her first novel, the first in a trilogy. Em loves seeing her name on her own published books: Emerson K. Hols. She became a New York Times best-selling author, writing mostly in teen fiction. While on a book tour, Em ran into a boy who used to go to her high school in Richmond, Bradley Garrett Hawkes, who she remembered as Brad Hawkes. He was getting a book signed for his niece, and unfortunately forgot her. He mentioned that they should catch up and they exchanged numbers. Soon enough they were dating and married, living in Chamberlayne, VA, only fifteen minutes from their childhood home. Even though Brad was the popular athletic boy in high school, he really made something of himself, graduating from the University of Richmond Robins School of Business with a major in business administration. He works at his father's business, Hawkes Enterprises, in which he will inherit. Eight years after they marry, they decide to have their first kid and nine months later, they have a son, Jack Andrew Hawkes. Jack's got hair that's hard to tell if it's closer to his father's honey blond or his mother's sandy blond. And he has brown eyes like his father. Their an all-blond family in appearance, but in personality, they're anything but.

    Part 6- At eighty, my children and grandchildren are happy with their lives, visiting their grandparents every holiday and more. You couldn't be happier with your life and family: your husband, your two children, and your four grandchildren, who are mostly in college. At eighty I die of an unexpected case of heart disease, and only a few months later Dane dies in his sleep from old age. Our money from me being in the FBI and Dane being a lawyer is spread throughout our children and grandchildren, who we had great relationships with and our devastated by our death, but know that we lived long and happy lives. Dying didn't depress me because I knew I was at that age to where my time came, but leaving Dane did. I was upset that he died so soon after me, but was so happy that we were together.

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    Bennett Jameson (70) and Iris Claire (70) Lynch-live in Washington, DC

    Toby Joel (46) and Ophelia Jane (45) Liebowitz-live in NYC
    Donnelly Quinn Liebowitz (15)

    Colin Phoenix (45) and Claudia Elinor (45) James-live in Benin
    Gwendolyn Ava James (11)
    Josephine Kennedy James (9)

    Ezra Oliver (41) and Rowan Skye (37) Lynch-live in Orlando, FL
    Harry Donovan Lynch (6)
    Xanthe Noor Lynch (5)

    Ben and I die at the age of 70 in a plane crash returning from traveling. Although our family is understandably upset, they're glad we went together and doing something we loved. As lifelong civil servants, neither of us were ever rich, but what we do have is split evenly between the three children. Our house in DC was paid off long ago, so they decide to keep it so that the families can use it when they want to visit the city they grew up in and that their parents loved so much.
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    Who goes first, you or DH?: Scarlett
    You live to the ripe age of: 80
    Your husband lives to be: 85
    How do you meet your end?: Cancer
    How does your husband meet his end?: Old age
    What happens to the kids and grandkids?: They live happily ever after
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