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    Linden married Kaylee Liana Benton. She is best friends with Sienna. Her mother is Stacy Ava Benton and her father is Ethan Davis. She has one brother named Colton Wyatt Benton, he is married to Lily Anne Benton. Colton and Lily have two sons, named Gavin Sterling and Rylan Spencer Benton. Linden and Kaylee have two daughters named Jocelyn Caroline and Juliette Elizabeth Thomas. Linden moved up to Chattanooga, TN to be a News Anchor. Kaylee is a nurse.

    Sienna married Elliott Charles Archibald. They meet when they both had classes at the University of Virginia. His mother is Jacqueline Rosalind Archibald and his father is Samuel Edwin Archibald. Sienna and Elliott have one daughter named Arianna Arabella Archibald, but everyone calls her Aria. Sienna lives in Dallas, Texas were she is lawyer. Elliott serves on the State Senate.

    Ashby married Noelle Roselyn McIntyre. They meet while on Spring Break and got together when Noelle found out she was pregnant with Hunter. Her mother is Chloe Kara Collins, her father is Dillon Vance McIntyre, her step-father is Brady Adam Collins, and her step-mother is Ella Brittney McIntyre. She has one sister named Noemi Lillian McIntyre, she married Evan Skyler Fitzpatrick. They have two daughters named Anastasia Christiana and Evangeline Alexandria Fitzpatrick "Ana and Evie." Ashby and Noelle have three children. Hunter Sebastian, Alexis Isabella, and Ryder Maxwell Fitzpatrick. Ashby lives in Seattle, Washington where he is a P.E. teacher and Noelle is a mid-wife.

    Rowan married Janelle Marianne Gardner. Her mother is Jasmine Alyssa Gardner and her father is Kelvin John Gardner. They meet in Kindergarten. They have three sons named Dashiell Christian, Finnian Gabriel, and Malachi Nicholas Thomas "Dash, Finn, Mack." They live in Victoria, Texas, where Rowan is mechanic and Janelle is a house wife.
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    DW [68]: Lily Claire Thompson
    --July 14
    --straight, brown hair, brown eyes

    DH [69]: George Henry Thompson
    --September 7
    --wavy, blonde hair, green eyes

    DD [40]: Anna Natalie
    --wavy, brown hair, brown eyes
    ---DS [9]: George Maxwell
    ---DD [8]: Natalie Marie
    ---DD [1]: Kayla Teresa

    DS [39]: Oliver Sebastian
    --straight, blonde hair, green eyes
    ---DS [2]: Justin Grayson

    DD [36]: Beatrice Lily
    --straight, brown hair, brown eyes
    ---DS [9]: Harry Hunter
    ---DS [4]: Chris Matthew

    DS [31]: Henry Jack
    --straight, brown hair, green eyes
    ---DS [5]: Nathan Isaac "Nate"
    ---DD [3]: Lucy Isabella

    DD [31]: Taylor Katherine
    --wavy, brown hair, green eyes
    ---DD [8]: Eleanor Camille "Nora"
    ---DD [7]: Beatrice Kailey

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    For each of your children, roll to see how many children they have. Names and birth orders are your choice. Also, add in the names of your children-in-laws, as well as details of what your kids went on to do with their lives and where their families live.

    Kieran married Gianna Roxana Torres, she is a 2nd generation Italian immigrant. She is petite and tan with long brown hair, big brown eyes and a beautiful smile. They have three children, two girls & a boy;
    Samara Rae is the spitting image of her mother. She is on the taller side thanks to her father, but everything else, personality, looks, is just like Gianna.
    Sasha Leona has her fathers smile and complexion, but she is petite like her mother and she has her eyes.
    Slater Jonah looks just like his father, but has his mother's skin tone.

    Kellan married Narrah Fox Hastings, she was his high school sweet heart, blonde, blue eyed, and beautiful. they had three sons;
    Cade Greer has brown hair and blue eyes, he has his fathers smile and his mothers charm.
    Colby Rayden also has brown hair and blue eyes, he looks just like Kellan.
    Coltyn Micah has blonde hair and brown eyes, he looks more like Narrah, but is just like Kellan in every other way.

    Asher married Elena Marie Bennett, they met in college and were friends at first, but fell in love after several years of friendship. Elena has brown hair and slate gray eyes. She is quiet at first, but once she opens up to you she is witty, brilliant, funny, and would do anything for anyone. They have three sons together;
    Talan Blaise has brown hair and his mothers eyes. He looks just like Asher, but has more of Elena's personality.
    Mason Jesse Mason and Jordan are twins, they both have brown hair and bright green eyes, they are a perfect mix of Asher and Elena, Mason is more open and outgoing like Asher, while Jordan is quieter like Elena.
    Jordan Ryan Mason and Jordan are twins, they both have brown hair and bright green eyes, they are a perfect mix of Asher and Elena, Mason is more open and outgoing like Asher, while Jordan is quieter like Elena.

    Aria married Kendall Lane Monroe, they met in college, he played football, was the star tight end for the team. He is very tall, muscular, and very handsome. He has dirty blonde hair and sky blue eyes. It was love at first sight, and they were the "it" couple all four years of school. He proposed after the team won the last game of the regular season their senior year in the stands in front of the whole school. They have four children, two boys & two girls;
    Aurora "Rory" Jolie is a free spirit like her mother, she has her mothers hair, and her fathers eyes. She is petite, a dancer, and stays in great condition.
    Farrah McKenna looks like a miniature Aria. She has her mothers features, her hair, her smile, and her eyes. The one thing she got from her father was his charm. Her personality lights up the room every time.
    Holden Kendall looks just like his father, but he has his mothers eyes. He is athletic and charismatic, he could talk his way out of a tin can if he needed to, he is brilliant.
    Landon Jayce has his fathers dirty blonde hair and his mothers eyes. He is extremely gifted in any sport he tries.

    Tinsley married Milo Finn Porter, they met while backpacking through Europe and ended up going to school together in the US. He is tall, and tan with dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes and a beautiful smile. They have two daughters;
    Marley Faye looks just like her father, tall with brown hair and chocolate eyes. She has his complexion and a lot of his happy go lucky personality traits.
    Raquel "Rocky" Mariana is the complete opposite of Marley, she has all of her mothers traits. She has blonde hair, green eyes, petite with a beautiful smile.

    married Caedyn Troy Schofield, they met in school after Tiki got home from backpacking through Europe. He has a sly smile danger in his eyes and a wild side. They complimented each other perfectly. He was also blonde with green eyes, tall and strong. They have three daughters together;
    Fallon Isla, all three girls have blonde hair and green eyes just like their parents, Fallon is outgoing, witty, and always up for anything.
    Harper Analeigh, all three girls have blonde hair and green eyes just like their parents, Harper is more level headed, quiet, and calculated.
    McKinley Baja, all three girls have blonde hair and green eyes just like their parents, McKinley inherited her parents wild side. She lives for the thrill of life and is a serious adrenaline junky. She lives life to the absolute fullest and is always happy, finding the good in everything.

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    Henry marries Cora Madeline.
    They have a son and a daughter, Seth Joseph and Miriam Alice.

    Charles marries Clara Felicity.
    They have two sons, Edmund Charles and Arthur Henry.

    Eleanor marries Lucas Matthew.
    They have one daughter, Genevieve Margaret.
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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    25 years on...

    Liam Christopher (35) pursued his career as a footballer and married Jasmine Faith (30) . After meeting in High school and dating for 3 years they got married and had a daughter 7 year on they are happy.

    DGD1: Alba Chelsea Farrell (7)

    Ava Louise (33) went on to be nurse and is engaged to Kevin Henry Smith (36) they met at work he is her boss.

    DGS2: Ethan Colton Smith (5)
    DGD2: Emelia Colette Smith (3)
    DGD3/DGS3: Eden Candice and Ellis Calvin (1week)

    Connor Maynard (27) became a Construction worker and is current single but has custody of his Son.

    DGS1: Scott Edward Farrell (10)

    Kennedy Grace (26) is a single stay at home mum.

    DGD: Ariana Sophie (6)
    DD: Annabelle Sarah (2)
    DD: Anika Selena (1)
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