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    My name is Jeannie-Mae Roxanne Jameson 'Mae' (28.05.1989)
    My husband's name is Edmund Bartholomew Wise 'Eddie' (22.10.1985)

    We married on 8th May 2010. I was almost 21, and Eddie was 24.
    We decided to wait 2 years before trying for children.

    We had five daughters - Hailey (15.08.2013), Evangeline (05.01.2015), Caelan (09.11.2017), Ruby (10.08.2021) and Alanna (15.05.2024).
    Hailey followed in her daddy's footsteps and became a successful chef. She moved to Baltimore to go to university, and met her future husband, Oliver Pope, also a chef, at a food festival in Baltimore. They discovered they had a lot in common, and eventually started dating. They married when Hailey was 26, on 16th July 2040. Three years later, they had twin sons - Zachary Owen Pope (3.10.2043) and Damian Arthur Pope (3.10.2043).

    Evangeline married her high school sweetheart, Jasper Niall Logan, when she was 18 on 30th June 2033. Evangeline didn't go to university, but found a job as a secretary for a large copmany, and is now the CEO's main secretary. Eva and Jasper have two daughters - Gemma Lauren Logan (09.01.2035) and Bianca Emily Logan (15.09.2037).

    Caelan was scouted as a model when she was 19. She had a successful career, until she became addicted to cocaine at the age of 27. She was admitted to rehab, and after months of treatment, re-emerged clean, sober and with a new boyfriend - actor Nathaniel David Ross. Her relationship with him lasted for four years. They were never married, and had a baby girl, Genesis Lily Wise (05.12.2044). After that relationship broke down, Caelan found a new man - her therapist, Johnathon Xavier Wright. She always joked that he was her 'Mr Wright'. They were married in four years, and have a baby boy, Joshua Reuben Wright (19.05.2048).

    Ruby was always the free spirit of the family. After graduating with a degree in Psychology, Ruby travelled round the world working as a journalist and travel writer. When she was in Hungary, she visited an orphanage and fell in love with a little girl she met there. Two years of paperwork later, and Ruby and her new daughter, Kaitlin Tamara Wise (19.12.2038) returned to the USA and settled down in Washington D.C. (2045).

    Alanna married Leon Timothy Jones just after she graduated university in 2046. She is a teacher in a small school outside Boston. He is an electrician. The couple has had one son, Callum Dominic Jones (11.06.2048) and they are expecting twin girls in April 2051.

    The Wise Family on New Year's Eve 2049:

    DH: Edmund Bartholomew Wise 'Eddie' (64)
    DW: Jeannie-Mae Roxanne Wise nee Jameson 'Mae' (60)

    DD: Hailey Renata Pope nee Wise (37)
    - DH: Oliver Gregory Pope (39)
    -- DS: Zachary Owen Pope (6)
    -- DS: Damian Arthur Pope (6)

    DD: Evangeline Grace Logan nee Wise (34)
    - DH: Jasper Niall Logan (34)
    -- DD: Gemma Lauren Logan (14)
    -- DD: Bianca Emily Logan (12)

    DD: Caelan Geneva Wright nee Wise (32)
    - DH: Nathaniel David Ross (34)
    -- DD: Genesis Lily Wise (5)
    - DH: Johnathon Xavier Wright (40)
    -- DS: Joshua Reuben Wright (1)

    DD: Ruby Dakota Wise (28)
    -- DD: Kaitlin Tamara Wise (11)

    DD: Alanna Rachel Jones nee Wise (25)
    - DH: Leon Timothy Jones (26)
    -- DS: Callum Dominic Jones (1)
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